Golden State …


Unregulated joy and fantasy this Monday morning.  A new political endomorphic high for the rich has been proclaimed.

I got my refund on Saturday!

This phenomenon leads to a recently discovered social inter-reaction it is called Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

At least I think that is the way I understand it.

My memory’s not as sharp as it used to be. Also, my memory’s not as sharp as it used to be. What was that old country and western song …  All around me I hear the sound of money, but I don’t have a nickel to my name, there’s a lite at the end of the tunnel … I sure hope it aint no damn train.

Anywho, you can read all about it.  At a Border’s near you.  A fool and his money, stabilize the economy. Pick up your copy today, tell ’em Tony sent you!

What is it with people?  More Okies trying to marry each other …  And in the cool of the afternoon, God walked into the garden … there he found Adam & Steve, what is wrong with this picture?

Do you know what also happened this week back in 1850, One hundred and fifty-eight years ago?

California became a state,
The state had no electricity.
The state had no money.
Almost everyone spoke Spanish.
There were gunfights in the streets.

So basically, it was just like California is today, except the women had real breasts, and the men didn’t hold hands.

I’ll be back.





One thought on “Golden State …

  1. 1850 was 165 years ago. :)

    My-my, how time flies, seems as if it was only yesterday. Nice to know someone is paying attention.



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