Music Moves Me … So Does Spring

You ever hear a song on the radio and say to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had written that.” Or something along those lines.   Music will do that to you, make you think of someone, somewhere, a time, and a place.  Music has that effect on me.  The last half of my 60+ years of life have been spent listening to the memories of the first 30 as depicted in songs.   I hold the music of the 50’s and 60’s in very high esteem.

imagesMy bride, Cup Cake, looked at me yesterday with those big brown eyes, eyes that a guy could just get lost in, and said, “You make me smile, despite it all.” And I just gave her my best toothy grin and said, “Yeah? 

(Then I walked off into the other room and wondered what in the ____ does that mean?) 

You see, we are men, and we don’t have a clue, we don’t know diddly when it comes to the emotional side of life.  The majority of the time we are checked out.  No one home.  We just “fake it.” 

You girls pay attention, I run a serious risk of horse whipping or could possibly suffer other severe penalties for giving up these manly secrets on the page like this. I could very well be riding out of town on a rail by six O’clock tonight!  When you rattle the bars on the cage of the beast, it can quite often be a dangerous and stupid thing to do. 

One more day of marriage, another day sharing your life with someone and I guess that isn’t all that appalling.  Tad bit confusing at times, but not necessarily a bad thing.  So you adjust your attitude and forge on. 

Everybody loves a lover, I am a lover, and everybody loves me. There could be a nugget of truth in here somewhere, just keep digging.

Cold and windy outside today, wind is howling like some kind of wild banshee out of the north.  Another one of those Oklahoma Memory Makers, that is what I call them.  (Unforgettable days and I am not talking indescribably delicious like the candy bar)  One of those I got dust in my eyes and I wanna die moments of spring.

A day when even a dog would be better off inside, the penalty or the price we have to pay for spring.  That luscious wonderful time, just before the tornado’s arrive, the time of new life, the precursor to summer heat and a harvest of plenty.  The Red Buds are in full bloom and my eyes quickly fill with pollen. 

Spring is the time of the year when a man’s fancy naturally tends to drift toward what I call “lighter things.”   

Sweet WineA time or a season when he almost naturally leans towards affairs of the heart, when his gruff manly features, sort of melt away and the soft side of his being emerge for but a short while.  A time of Easter Bunnies, fresh litters of puppies, and new beginnings.    

Okies, boogers, memories, and springtime, it just caint git any bettern’ this. 

My life feels so circumspect here in the moment.  Life has been very good to me, my wife loves me, half-box of Cheerio’s in the cabinet, cup full of milk … Man, I got it made.   Sitting here in a pair of well worn pajama bottoms, my very favorite Virginia City, Nevada, T-shirt, and a pair of house slippers.  I am into my uniform of the day, doing my Hugh Hefner wanna-be best, to kick back and take it easy.

To be loved and appreciated is a wondrous thing.  Life is so sweet.  Step out of your comfort zone today, find someone and just hug the fizz out of ‘em … do it because you LOVE THEM and of course, because it is spring! 


3 thoughts on “Music Moves Me … So Does Spring

  1. Yep, except for the tornadoes, this is the best time of year.

    You have to go for a little trip outta state every now and then to truly appreciate what is here I think. I tell people all the time, it aint heaven, it is Oklahoma.


  2. Been married to the same gal for 49+ year DS. We both come from “broken families” so when we took those “vows” in Fremont, CA back in ’66, we’ve stuck by ’em through thick ‘n thin. Gotta admit that I’m no Archie Bunker by any means, but in those 49+ years I’ve muttered those two words (under my breath !) “ding bat” and I’m sure she’s done the same ! Can’t say too much ’bout the young’ns of today however. The words “love”, “respect”, “admiration” don’t seem to be the norm them; not ALL feel that way for sure, but when one reads the news, views it on the tube, what else can one come away with?
    Regarding your tornadoes, when I got onto this machine this a.m. first thing my eyes saw was a blurb that Oklahoma now has MORE earthquakes then California? MEIN GOTT ! Where’s it all gonna end???

    Most of what you say is true, they are not into our style of living, we are not relevant, they lack courtesy and other things, because they simply were not passed on to them. Kids are God’s punishment for liking sex.

    Earthquakes have backed off some now, they have stopped drilling because of the low price for oil. When they kick back in, the drilling will start, and here we go, hang onto your hat.


  3. I think there is something to be said for both enduring marriage and ending it. To be fair, today’s young people have grown up in a time where it’s more acceptable to end situations that do not work out for them. We live in a disposable society. I see nothing wrong with discarding what does not work and isn’t fitting. I just do not understand bringing children into the chaos of it all. I stand firm about this – the whole girly “dream” about life, is this romantic notion that young girls get about having babies as soon as they’re married. Socially, it’s expected. Girls/women gotta have the big diamond ring to show off, then have the pomp and parade wedding, and then get knocked up. They get caught up in the attention that fulfilling the dream brings. In no time the couple is unhappy due to expectations not being met. We all wish we had been smarter at the start- know who we are and what we want in life when we’re young. Instead we dive into the lake and discover we can’t swim and the buddy system isn’t working with our mate. To me, relationships are about growth and deciding what will or won’t work. Every relationship has it’s ups and downs. You decide it’s worth working through or it isn’t. Allowing, encouraging and supporting is part of it. If you are unhappy and it’s causing stress, end it – and be fair and responsible. What I do not like about many young people today is the lack of responsibility. It is not the other person’s fault if you want out of the marriage. You have to own that you are unhappy, and it should be ended fairly. You racked up the financial burdens together and you had sex to have the babies together – it’s not something you can blame on each other.

    I love that you (and rapscallion) own your part in it… the confusion, faking it and muttering “ding bat”. We all do it! Ha ha! But at the end of the day you know what you have is worth holding on to. All those crazy years are the glue that bonds you. It makes for great storytelling… and for outstanding advice for the kids/grandkids that care to listen. I also admit (being a woman) that we’re fickle and our emotions are tremendously unpredictable. You’ll never figure us out (even WE can’t figure us out!) – nor will we “get it” about how men work. It’s just one of those mysteries of life! :)

    I can always tell when I hit a little close to the house, the comment section will lite up like a two bedroom bungalow at Christmas time! Nice comment Sundog, I got a kick out of that one for sure, and it was most enjoyable.


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