The Sky is falling!  The sky is falling!

It really isn’t, but I just love saying that. The sky is falling!  Chicken Little used to tell us that the earth as we know it was doomed, and life on this planet was soon to be extinct.  Maybe in say, 2 billion years when our sun expands, boils off the oceans, and turns our green planet into a charcoal briquette.

But it could possibly happen soon, if a black hole created by scientists in Geneva, Switzerland, swallows you, me, and all 6.6 billion other souls on earth in one big gulp.  Some guy in Hawaii who is so worried that he has filed a federal lawsuit seeking a stop-work order on a Large Hadron Collider, a mammoth atom-smasher that European physicists are about to fire up.

He claims that hurling all of this energy at each other will cause an irreversible implosion and will form a miniature version of gigantic black hole here on earth. Thus leading to even more black holes, and as they fuse, they’ll swallow all matter in their vicinity, and soon, the entire planet.

Which we all know will not happen.

The earth is not going to end.  We all owe wayyyyy too much money for the earth to end at this time.  We are also well educated here in The Heartland, ask any Okie what he thinks about black holes, and he will tell you almost immediately, “They are hell on your suspension man, really bad.”

We are aware here in The Heart Land.

So here it is in a nutshell. Earth is on the precipice, it could happen at any moment (Scientists say that it won’t, but they have been wrong before, just ask Al Gore) and we must be prepared.  Send an email to everyone you know and tell them the “earth is going to implode next month” (this is going to make you extremely popular in the neighborhood) and visit all your loved ones as soon as possible.  Black hole or not, I say bring it on.  From a personal standpoint, if it will end the Presidential Election Campaigning, I am all for it.  So ends today’s science portion of the post.

So many questions … So little time.


No posts this weekend, I have a cold and will be resting, see you  all on Monday.