You Thirsty?

water at sunrise

The river rolls by, as if time does not apply, twenty-fours a day, week in and week out.  And as the water washes your feet, stop and consider this one fact of life.  “Each and every drop of this water is accounted for.  Not one drop is left over at the end of the journey.”

You thirsty? You will not be parched after reading this, believe me, this is some bad news, stick in your craw, drop-dead bad. What can I say? They have changed my medications again.  Water Woes … Bad News if you live out west.

MORE BADDER NEWS: A good amount of information is now circulating on the scarcity of this precious resource. Lake Mead is only at levels of 50% and has a 50/50 chance of going dry in the next thirteen years.  The people who control the huge water stopper in Page that backs up Lake Powell have told Phoenix to cut back on their power usage because they are not going to be able to maintain water levels sufficient to generate power. With some 40 million people sucking on the Colorado River, it now no longer makes it to the Pacific Ocean; it dries up some 12 miles short.

EVEN BADDER NEWS: Las Vegas is reportedly recycling treated sewage effluent back into Lake Mead via a delivery system, that takes the treated sewage water and pumps it into the bottom of the lake via an underwater pipe. Los Angeles not to be deterred is doing the very same thing.

They pump effluent some 15 miles north, and then deliver it back into the aqua-fillers (sp) claiming it takes it some eight years to get back to the pumping stations. Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is often taking bids for treated effluent from private parties, that use it to water golf courses in the area, and it all goes, to the highest bidder.

EVEN WORSER (Yeah I know, what could possibly be worse than Even Badder?): It appears that soon, most of us, who visit or inhabit these locales, will be soon drinking treated sewage water on a regular basis.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS: “There will be most likely, not enough of it, to go around.”

As for me and the Miss’us (Mrs.) we are pack up a couple of bottles of “Sweet Bitch,” a fine fruity little Merlot that is grown high in the mountains a tad bit south of here (Los Andes Chile). A nice little wine, good for the stomach and digestion, about $12 a bottle.

Remember, people are counting on you. Flush hard!
Bakersfield needs the water.



2 thoughts on “You Thirsty?

  1. Yep, California is just about out of water, but Nestle Company is pumping water out of that state, bottling it and selling it. Oh, and did I mention their permit to do so expired in 1988? Someone is not minding the store.

    A very good point James, “Peter stealing from Paul, in order to make it all work.” Take it from Lake Michigan and send it to Alabama. Now we have a deficit in TWO PLACES that is good science.


  2. All I’m saying is that ya can’t blame EVERYTHING on Governor “Moonbeam” that’s my story and I’m sticking to it !

    Always cracks me up when I see his nickname being bantered around. What a guy! Let’s tunnel under the delta and steal some more water. Moron.


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