Afternoon Winds Of Spring

twisterA little late with my hauling today, had a doctor’s appointment this morning and that kind of set the tone for the day.  Another visit to the VA such a depressing place but we will not go there.

Let’s try this instead.

Oklahoma’s fickle weather spirit is again teasing us, kind of nice, trees are blooming, you can walk five feet, before sneezing. But we know that could change in an instant. Once again, Mother Nature is doing her best to lick us into shape. Putting forth her finest effort to make us ready or presentable, much like a mother bear or father bear with new cubs.

It is often thought in some cultures, that people believe a bear cub is shapeless at birth … The mother and father bear, are thought to literally lick the newborn into shape with their tongues. The legend probably endures because few people who ever saw newborn bear cubs escaped with their lives.

Standing at the sink, the tepid water feels wonderful, soothing on my tired old hands. We are so fortunate, to have warm water, a roof over our heads’ (a roof that doesn’t leak), a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. Lot of folks these day find themselves doing without a great many of these things.

Be grateful
Choose Positive Thoughts and Feelings
Use Positive Words
Acknowledge Others
Appreciate Yourself

Now in the beginning this afternoon, I didn’t start off all that “positive in my ramblings” but I am working on it. I have not mastered the process but with time, I am sure I will be able to do just that. This month I am going to completely alter the way I relate to myself, others, and the entire world that surrounds me.

Slowly I am discovering new people, forging fresh relationships, and picking up friends along the way. Things are looking up. It is not always easy to embrace a new life process. I am going to have to learn how to appreciate the good things in life, search out and find the rainbow in just about everything I possibly can. I am going to try and place myself on a true path to deep fulfillment and authentic happiness in my life.

Whether or not, any of this is remotely possible in my case, remains to be seen. Is this worth shooting for? Is it is a goal that can be achieved and it is worthy of the effort. Only time will tell. May take an investment on my part and there could be few rewards.

But realistically speaking, what else do I have to do?
Like the wife sez …. “Aw, I don’t mind. It keeps him outta the beer joints.”




One thought on “Afternoon Winds Of Spring

  1. Those of us that live on the “left coast” seem to have been “teased” by Ma Nature more than enough ! That “jet stream” that comes from the Pacific Rim regions constantly bombards Washington ‘n Oregon, then blows on and over Wyoming and Colorado. While we don’t get but a pittance of California Liquid Sunshine, a good deal of you folks east of Denver are subjected to tornadoes, excess rain and floods. It then is spread to the “right coast” with devastating results too. Methinks it’s high time that Ma Nature gives us a break and turns on her faucets for awhile, just to bring our reservoirs back up to normal !

    California has one of the most expansive water delivery systems in the world. But it is dependent on nature to make it all work. People need to change their way of thinking concerning the use of water.

    Filling the reservoirs is most likely a solution to short term issues, but far from a working solution to much more serious problems. It takes a lot of water to feed, wash 40 million souls, some of which speak English and can comprehend what is happening in their world.


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