Pick Your Own Star

Albert Einstein said “that if you look here, in this part of the galaxy, you will find a star.  The Law of Physic’s dictates that it is so.”  Of course, his colleagues in the scientific community laughed at him, and suggested that it was impossible.


At that time, the technology did not exist for this unproven fact to be validated, so therefore, it was assumed it was a falsehood.  Some thirty-nine years late, newer telescopes came on the scene, and one enterprising student, pointed to the coordinates that Einstein had listed, and looked thru his lens.

There it was, the star, right where Einstein said it would be.

Why are we talking about this? 

Simple really, as you go thru life, you are going to meet people who do not see things the same as you.  They are going to say that your star is not shining and it isn’t real. It is up to you to show them that indeed your star is indeed shining, it is right where you say it is, and that you know it as so.

People will line up to tell you that you are mistaken, that you do not have a clue as to what the meaning of life might be.  More will line up to tell you that you are wrong, than will get in line to back you up.  When those tell you cannot do something and you will never make a difference, ignore them and persevere.

You can and will make a difference in life, you were created to do just that.



3 thoughts on “Pick Your Own Star

  1. Now that is a warm, fuzzy post! We have a friend with a huge portable telescope who lives in the country on a hill. We usually begin star and planet gazing just after dark, and often don’t return home until 3:00 or later in the morning. It’s just amazing!!

    Lot of stuff up there for sure, guess that is why the human mind cannot comprehend the sheer immensity of it all. Thank you for your comment Lori


  2. When I figured out there was little value in listening to most people, my life got better. Stick with your own ideas.

    Give it your level best, you only get one shot at all this.


  3. I feel in my own heart ‘n mind that over the years I’ve helped better the lives of a bunch of people. They in turn have enriched my own well being and I very thankful for that.

    That is terrific, a lot of folks can look back, and they do not see that at all. Kudo’s!


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