Billy Raye and Vern … The Circumcision

Young boys

Vern’s Mama had just finished her annual physical and checkup and was in the office, the doctor inquired of her, “Okay, anything else?” and she said, “Well, yes there is.  My son as you know is scheduled to come in next week and have surgery to remove his tonsils.” 

And the doctor said, “Yes, I remember that.”

The mother then went on to explain, “He has never been circumcised and I was wondering, while you are doing the tonsils, and he is under Anesthesia and you have him stabilized, could you also perform this other treatment at the same time?”

Her doctor thought about it a moment or two, and said, “I really don’t see why not?  If this is your wish, we can do it.” 

Thanking the doctor the mother agreed to do both procedures and left.

Now fast forward a month or so.

Billy Raye and Vern are out back, digging in the dirt, as all young boys are prone to do.  Billy Raye looks at Vern and says, “Didn’t you have your tonsils pulled out awhile back?”

Vern says, “Yeah.  I did.”  Billy Raye then says to Vern, “My mom told me yesterday that I am going to have mine done next week.  What was it like?”

Vern paused a little and then he said, “Well, first off, they ain’t where you think they is, that’s for sure.”