Test On Friday …

Old guyMan that expression used to literally send a chill up my spine in High School … “Smith, there is going to be a test on this Friday.”  Funny how times change, now I see people flocking to take tests all the time.

Each week on FakeBook I see all of these “so-called quizzes” where you are told the meaning of your name, how old you REALLY are, how smart you seem to be or could be.  I find them amusing. 

It is all part of the FakeBook lie, setting the hook on all these suckers to keep them amused and interested in this world that really does not exist, only in cyberspace.  Tell ‘em what they want to hear, not what they need to know … they will keep buying tickets to the show.

Answer twenty-one questions and find out if you are PHD?  Uh huh, sure.  Twenty-eight questions to find out if King Fredrick III, beheaded you in the sixteenth century. 13 questions to ascertain whether or not Snoop Doggy-Dawg is indeed a dog?  Were you really a Mau-Mau fighter pilot in the Philippines in WWII, take this easy test to see. 

And my all time favorite … If you were a Crayon, what color would you be?


Kind of reminds me of American Idol, where the poor slob sings their heart out, but he/she cannot carry a tune in a paper bag.  The family, the friends, everyone he/she knows have consistently told them over and over, “that they have the talent, that they are good, that they should try out.” 

So they do, only to discover that they do not have any of what was described, and they are ripped to shreds on national television. 

FakeBook will give you a test to see if you are smart, and of course, you are going to come back as smart.  The last one I personally took said that “I should have been a political speechwriter or a novelist” can you imagine that?  Incredible, that one is a hoot for sure.

Believe it or not, you were at one time given validation of your knowledge, it was called your Report Card.  Now after all these years, not being so sure, after getting married, divorced, re-married, running up huge credit card debts, recently starting to smoke electronic cigarettes, doing Vodka Jello-shots and Viagra, you are full of self doubt.

Which is by most standards, understandably good reason for concern.

Donald Duck

So to assure yourself you are sane and rational like the rest of the strangers on your wall, you take a test.  You are after all, “asking FakeBook” an accredited institution of higher learning for the cut & paste crowd of life, how smart you REALLY are. 

Here is an interesting question, “Let’s assume that your test score ALWAYS come back negative, and you suddenly discover (God Forbid) that you are NOT as smart as you thought you were, are you going to keep coming back for more of the same?


Might be why you got “PHD” and you are still sacking groceries at the A&P.  I suppose we could go on, but what would be the purpose?  I doubt very seriously if we would discover any earth shaking, social hot button topic of great concern, if we were to continue.  So this might be the appropriate place to put a stop to all of this non-sense.  B’sides, there might be an interesting quiz to take on FakeBook this morning, I haven’t been over there as of yet.

Something really cool like …. “Are cats smarter than dogs?” take this interesting quiz to see if Fluffy is smarter than Rover.

Which we all know is stoooopid. 

Cats are indeed smarter than dogs. You can’t get eight cats to pull a sled through the snow.  (By the way, they are tracking you and they KNOW that you have a cat.  It is not coincidence.)