Needles By Sundown …

Senior Sunset

When I was a boy,
the devil would taunt me and call my name,
He would say to me who do you think you are,
who do you think you are fooling
And we would play the game

 Today I sit in the house,
with a cup of coffee in hand
and I think of Bakersfield or Flagstaff Arizona
all the places I have been

I sit here somewhat wounded and bleeding
Licking the cuts
I want desperately to find a two-lane and own it
Replete with soft shoulders
Pot holes and fences

 Take me from this miserable city
With its noise, dirt, crime and petty offenses

 The open road, my old heart is calling for you once again
C’mon baby, give me a little more of you
C’mon baby, yeah, give me a little more of you

Walk a little ways in my shoes

 No more nosy neighbors or barkin dogs
Electric bills or natural gas
Give me the road

And kiss the part of me
That goes over the fence last.

 I hear the train in the distance
Such a lonely sound it makes,
When it is gone there is only silence
So quiet, you can hardly hear the sound of my heart as it breaks.

 Early morning four miles south of the Interstate