This Is Your Real Grandma …

Something lite for you today, you get amused, and I get a break.  Like the Indian Wind In His Hair would say … Good Trade (in the Kevin Costner movie Dancin’ With Wolves).

Note:  She is mixing English and Chinese together when she sings, it is not your hearing.


One thought on “This Is Your Real Grandma …

  1. Have no idea where this “show” originates, but if it was shown in the US of A, can’t believe ABC, CBS, or NBC would not have censored it as fast as they could ! Sure have come along ways since CBS kicked the Smothers Brothers off the air, huh?

    Each week, my DVR gets more work, taping the stuff I like, so I can ignore all the garbage I don’t like. Letterman is leaving on the 30th and I don’t even know who the replacement guy is (literally) all the good guys and the good stuff are long gone now Joey.


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