Cheer Up Dammit ….


Surfing around the net this morning, trying desperately to find something amusing, I am so tired of the negative vibes that seem to be reverberating around this world we all live in.

My efforts produced nothing.  But I am going to forge ahead anyway, there is always another bend in the river of time.



Hopefully, this will be a letter perfect day for me. I won’t find myself fighting to stay positive and upbeat in my slow shuffle, tedious and mundane journey thru time. It is of critical importance to stay positive and focused I realize that.

I have not finished my coffee as of this hour, and I have not checked the email. Often it is hard to K.A.P.M.A. (Keep A Positive Mental Attitude) and at the same time, try and remain on “the sunny-side of life” after checking the mail.

Scientists recently announced that they had discovered water on Mars. California’s Governor Jerry Brown immediately instituted Annex procedures and I understand that in Amarillo, Texas, T. Boone Pickens has applied for drilling rights.  Just in time for the Glacial Meltdown, whooooooie, that sure was close, wasn’t it boys & girls?

Smoke it if you got it file.

Colorado police answering a public disturbance call found a couple fighting over which street gang their 4 year old should join. The father, 19 year old Joseph Manzanares, was charged with disorderly conduct after the altercation in a Commerce City video store.

Police said the child’s teenage mother, who is black, has her heart set on the toddler joining the nationwide Crips organization (which is mildly amusing, they used to be called “gangs” in my day).

Whereas Manzanares wants his son to follow him into the largely Hispanic Westside Ballers. “they have different ideas on how the baby should be raised,” said police Sgt. Joe Sandoval.

Now isn’t that patriotic?

Arguing in public no less, about which gang your child will be a member of when they grow up, every parents dream.

What the hell is the matter with this country, have we all gone insane. My parents did not have that particular problem. Early in life, my teachers at school would send notes home with me that said that I was going to be an astronaut! My mother would ask my dad, what does it say?

And he would reply, “it says the boy is taking up space.”

Cheer up, it could get worse.
(And you know the rest of it dontcha?)