Over-Nighting With A Twist


Over the years while traveling the Interstate system, I have coveted certain areas that I will pull over and park for the night.  I have a favorite spot to break Denver-OKC or Las Vegas-OKC and so forth.  One such place is a WalMart outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, just on the east side after you come up the canyon.  This year on the way to Pahrump for the bus meet, we pulled in there to overnight and get some groceries.

I woke up early, as I am accustomed to doing, got dressed and left the wife in bed.  Walking across the parking lot at five in the morning, the smell of Junipers were filling the air and it was cold, crisp, the wind biting at the back of your head chilly.  40* or less, I pulled the hoody up on my jacket and hoped fervently that no one would shoot me.

Inside Wally-world I bought a few items and as I was walking by the bathrooms, decided that now might be a good time for, well, y’know.  Approaching the restroom area, I saw a sign that read, “No shopping items allowed in bathroom.

Now it could be my advancing old age or something, but I have noted here lately, that I seem to “fixate” on things?  I will be driving down the road, and low and behold, I catch myself staring at a windmill for cryin’ out loud.


Same thing with this sign, I am looking at it, rather intently, and then I see a small table.  Great!  I will put “the stuff” on the table and go use the rest room.  As I enter the rest room, I note to my immediately left a long leather couch and I think to myself “What the hell is that doing in here?”

Finding a suitable stall, no waiting, I sit down and in the parlance of a true bus driving fool that I am, “I do my business.”

 Something at this time happens that kind of disturbs me.  As I am doing my thing, I seem to note that every set of shoes walking past my stall are WOMEN’S SHOES.  So as the Ice Man’s head slowly melts, I ponder this and then someone sits down in the stall next to me.  Again … What is the deal with all these ladies shoes?

So I say out loud, “Am I in the wrong bathroom?” and the answer was forthcoming almost immediately, “Yes you are!

Man-man, I got up and evacuated that rest room poste haste.  Walking back to the bus in the early morning chill and the sun just breaking the horizon in the east, I thought to myself, “Man I sure am glad the boys on the bus board didn’t know about that.”


In retrospect …. Maybe I should have just found a spot at Clines Corners for the night and yes, I am still wondering about the couch thing.  But I am afraid to ask my wife, she already has serious concerns and I am much, much, too young to be committed.

Watch those right-handers,



2 thoughts on “Over-Nighting With A Twist

  1. Oh my, Don. I have come close to entering the wrong door, but never actually gone there. I am sure it was traumatic.

    My only saving grace was that it was very early in the morning and no one there except employees.


  2. Ha ha! I would have laughed if I were in the woman in the next stall. When smoking was allowed, the room just before the stalled areas was a lounge… women could primp and mess with their makeup, smoke, or just rest a bit before resuming shopping. Most department stores have done away with the lounging area. And I have never seen a setup like that in any Walmart. Weird!

    Well, of course you would, it was funny, if it was not happening to you. I figure the couch was forr women who were nursing a baby or something like that? I need to pay more attention to who, what, where, when and why I am doing things.


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