Down From The Mountain

40An old lion who had lived his entire life high upon the mountain, decided one day to go down into the valley to see what life there was all about.  He walked around for awhile, and inspected all there was to see in this valley, until late afternoon.

At that point in time, he decided he was hungry, so he set out to find some game for his meal.

Coming upon a bull in a pasture, the lion skillfully stalked the old bull, and when in range of the animal, leaped onto his back and took him down.  There the lion feasted upon the old bull.  After his sumptuous meal he then looked towards the heavens and let out a mighty roar.

Over and over, in his new mood of jubilation he let out a mighty roar.

Not long afterward a farmer who was nearby heard all the commotion so he drove over to the lion’s location.  Upon seeing the carcass of his bull, the farmer pulled his rifle out of the gun rack of his pickup and shot the lion dead.

Moral of the story?

When you are full of bull, it is best to keep your mouth shut.

Have A Good Weekend.