Sleeping On The Job …

DSC00182Another session of being poked, prodded and nudged.  Walking into the Dr. Office I fill out the paper work and I assumed the position in the comfortable chair, put my head back on the wall and once again drift off …

An image quickly forms in my mind … Taking my time, I saunter down the red carpet, walk up the eight steps to the stage.  I can feel every eye in the room watching me, this is my time to shine, my day in the sun.  The host stands at the podium, alongside some blond goddess, with cleavage that would stop a FedEx truck. 

He shakes my hand, places the award in my other hand and says:

We understand that you have decided to retire from trying to communicate with the Human Race after spending a whole lot of time on FakeBook, Bus Boards, and the Internet.  I want to take a moment today to take some time out of my busy schedule to extend to you my heart felt appreciation for your service.

Thank you for spending a large portion of your time with us and thank you for the dedication you have shown to our members, be they old timers or new comers.  We are very proud of your commitment and know you have had many memorable experiences and made, many, many friends along the way.

It is my profound hope that as you move into the next phase of your life, that you will come back from time to time to share with us your marvelous sense of humor and wit, that you will continue to point out the little nuances and quirks of modern day bus life.  It is with great respect and pleasure we hereby present to you our Lifetime Achievement …… Snort!  Snort!  Chortle ……

The receptionist gently taps me on the shoulder, “Mr. Smith?  Mr. Smith?  It is time for your appointment.” 

I have fallen asleep again.  Man, sure hope I wasn’t snoring.

Looking around the room EVERYONE is looking at me and they are all smiling.


They are really going to love me at the home.




2 thoughts on “Sleeping On The Job …

  1. Napping is a God given right.



  2. To dream is to live ! DS, those of us that “tune” into your “words of wisdom, humor, moaning, groaning” appreciate a place to go on the ‘net when and if we want to ! Keep up the good work my friend, and as a friend I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting in person, I love you for who you are !

    I strongly agree, once you lose your dreams, what is left? Not much. Success is doing what YOU want to do WHEN you want to, and NOT worrying who agree’s with it or disagrees.Just take what I find, use it, abuse it, make a note of it, and then go off for something else. No secret formula to any of this. I hope I never lose the wonder of it all, if I do, I will be screwed for sure.


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