Life Is Good …

DSC01366The hot water of the shower stings my back and I soak up each and every drop, one of the few pleasures in life, I can still afford.  After two good cups of coffee, I slink out to the shop to do my thing as the wife refers to it.

One good thing about country living, is the fact, that you are never far from nature.  The air is fresh and clean, there is no sense of misguided suburban urgency to screw thing up.

Yesterday, early in the morning in my shop, I watched a moth flutter around the window in a feeble attempt to get outside.  He kept hitting the window over and over in his relentless challenge to get outdoors.

On the other side of the window, the drama unfolds even more, it is a small bird who is in turn, pecking on the window and hovering at the same time, trying to make an easy breakfast of the moth.

Nature and all her drama, and all you have to do to enjoy it, is move to the country.  People in the city are vegetating at the lite, waiting for a green at the top of the pole, to go nowhere.

I turn on my stereo while I am working, the melodic sound of country music fills my shop (Allan Jackson’s Country Boy readily comes to mind … Reba McIntire I Wish I Were A Boy), shortly thereafter a mockingbird lites on the fencepost outside the door and begins to serenade me at the same time.

The birds’ gentle song fills my morning with joy and brings peace to my tired soul.

 Life is good in the country.