Taxing Issues …


Monte the bartender, was a big man, the reason was, he diligently worked out everyday at the local gym.  He worked as a bartender in the evening hours, and during the day, he kept fit doing his rep’s and eating right. 

Monte was a big dude indeed, kind of like a California Redwood, you had to look a long ways up there, to finally spot a limb.

He also had a running bet in his place, he would bet anyone $200 to defeat him in a contest of strength.  What he would do was wipe down the bar with cotton rag and then in front of you, wring out the rag into an empty glass. 

If you could wring out any moisture or liquid out of the rag AFTER Monte did his thing.  You would win $200 cash.

This went on for years, no one, absolutely no one, could break the string of continuous wins upon the part of the burly bartender.  One day a little man, sitting at the end of the bar, asked if he could try the bet?  Small in stature, not much there, maybe 135lbs soaking wet, horn-rimmed glasses and frail for the most part.

Monte of course tried his best to talk him out of it, but the little old man, wasn’t having any.  He put up his money and then the contest began, Monte wiped the bar down with the rag, and then placed an empty glass in front of the man and emptied the contents of the rag into the glass.


Smiling Monte, reached down and scooped up the money and the little man said “Uh hold up there, don’t be so quick on the grab.  The little man then reached down and picked up the rag, he rolled it up to roughly the shape of a cigar and began to squeeze it.

To the astonishment of Monte and the crowd who had seen the rag come up bone dry, over and over again, three drops of water dropped out of the rag. 

This had never happened before, and everyone could not believe their eyes.

Monte placed the man’s money on the counter, turned around and rang up “No Sale” and fetched $200 from the register.  Paid the little man his bet and said, “Y’know, no one has ever done that before.  What it is you do for a living?

The little man smiled and said, “Me?  Oh, I am Tax Collection Officer with the I.R.S.


One thought on “Taxing Issues …

  1. Um; the “story” as I’d read it awhile back? Wasn’t a “rag” that was being squeezed !

    I can only imagine? You know what they say Joey, “there are no new ideas.” Work with what you got, is what I say. Looks like you are getting some much needed rain today.


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