Polishing Tips …


Most bus guys would agree, “if you own a bus, at one time or another, you will end up with every type of adhesive, polish, or wax known to man.”  It is like Murphy’s law … A rule of thumb.

If you are struggling with polish issues, and trashy looking metal, here a couple of items that seem to work well.  

Recently at the bus meet Pahrump, Nevada, a few guys asked me about what it was that I used to keep everything looking good (when it was clean, that is) and I thought I would pass it on.

I have discovered two products that work real well on “stainless” but not so good on Aluminum. 


They bring out the luster and remove water spotting (a bad problem where I live) on the metal very nicely.  One is available in a pull out tissue form and the other is spray bottle, about five dollars each as I remember it.

Hope’s stainless cleaner, spray bottle application www.hopecompany.com

Weiman Stainless Steel wraps. www.weisman.com

One other, sold at WalMart is Wipe New, quite a few guys having success with this product also.  Have not tried it myself, but it appears to work.  You can find it cheaper at Amazon.com in the automotive section.


All three of these will do the job, that and a good buffer.


And finally, Barton’s Vodka, have been using it for about four years now and it always brings out the shine without fail.  A lot of people do not believe it, but it is true.

I have found that both of the Stainless products work well on Stainless, but are not worth a flip on Alum. for what it is worth.  The above products work well on the Alum. anodized or not, they will bring out the luster you seek.

The New Wipe product is supposed to work all around.  I have some of it ordered but at this time, have no report on whether or not it is worth the relatively high cost.


Now grab some hand rags and get busy boys, don’t want to see Y’all stylin’ on the boulevard and looking trashy.  That is, “those of you who actually drive on the roads of this country” and are not just sitting on your drive-way.

Watch those Right-handers,