Polishing Tips …


Most bus guys would agree, “if you own a bus, at one time or another, you will end up with every type of adhesive, polish, or wax known to man.”  It is like Murphy’s law … A rule of thumb.

If you are struggling with polish issues, and trashy looking metal, here a couple of items that seem to work well.  

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Stolen Milk Money.

It is difficult for me to distinguish between being a kid today and what it was like when I was the same age.  Lot of changes in the landscape of life over the years, so making a proper distinction for me, I often find hard.  Take bullies for example, in my day they were often a physical issue type of thing, today as an adult, they are a verbal Internet problem for the most part.  Some folks have even described me as a Bully from time to time, just for asserting my position on some issue.  Most of us at one time have dealt with a bully, one way or the other, mine came to me early in life, first or second grade as I remember it.

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