Old Island Pete …

wet suit IIPete had been marooned or shipwrecked on this island for a long period of time, weeks stretched out, then soon months, and eventually to a point where it was literally years.  His only companion an occasional sand-crab, a passing gull.  No contact with the outside world in any form, Pete was oblivious to time.

Each day was the same routine, and mostly, time just stayed suspended for him, year after year, he would search the horizon for a ship or anything that could save him from his ordeal. 

Then one day, he looked up and there was a large yacht in the backwaters of the small harbor and a small orange colored life-raft was heading his way.  He could not believe his eyes, finally, rescued.

The life-raft came up to the beach, and a beautiful girl with magnificent breasts put her foot down into the white sand and said, “Hello.”

Pete just stared, here standing before him is a beautiful creature, her incredible lines seemed to flow like fine wine down her body.

She walked over to him and sat down and asked, “Are you marooned here?” and Pete stammered out a quick “Yes.  Yes I am.”  She said, “How long have you been here?” and he again said to her, “I dunno.  Long, long time.”

wet suitShe carefully unzipped her wetsuit, reached inside, and out came a silver flask and she smiled and said, “I bet you could sure use a good stiff belt of some good whiskey, couldn’t you?”

Pete agreed, and she took the cap of the flask and poured him out a drink.  He drank it all down, it burned from his throat all the way down to his belly.

The Goddess now winked and said, “I bet you could use a good cigar too.  You look like a cigar man to me.”  She unzipped her suit again, exposing even more of her lovely breasts to Pete, this time he swore he saw a nipple.

She leaned over, giving Pete a good look at her charms and lit his cigar with a little pink BIC lighter and said to him, “Is there anything else you would want,” again leaning over and exposing her breasts to him one more time, “anything at all?”

Old Pete leaned back on the palm tree, took a big draw on the cigar and said to her, pointing inside her wet suit, “Say, you don’t have a good set of golf clubs in there do you?”



3 thoughts on “Old Island Pete …

  1. Hahaha! Golf clubs, indeed!

    You see the traveling quote on my FB page that Mary put up? I found that kind of strange, it aint none of my biz … gonna leave it alone for sure.



  2. Another good one Don. Lately I am trying desperately to deal with some of my failures , my short comings, my utter stupidity when it comes to this “new math” everyone seems to get the hang of except me.

    I keep adding 40 + 16 and keep getting 56 yet those of a much higher level of intelligence get 74, I give up.

    I ask you am I destined to just accept the fact that I have failed so miserably in life that I should just give up and accept the brilliance of “the mouth from the south”?


    Hey Lee, how are you doing it has been awhile, get all the biz settled up in the Golden State?

    I also did the math several times, and it didn’t figure for me either. The guy is hopeless, and when you call him on this stuff, he goes nuts. Sure caused me more than my share of grief this past week.

    This morning I put up a new survey in off topic, check it out. This may prove to be an eye opener for some of them on Friday.

    Good to hear from you as always.



  3. Had me goin’ on this one DS ! I could envision a wonderful TV/Movie script with a couple of present day “stars”, then realized sadly that it had already been done with Gilligan’s Island and more characters !!!

    I remember back in the days watching that show and getting a woody when Ginger came on. How sick is that? Did Gilligan ever get off that island?


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