Suck It Up And Live!

One more post about buses and meets and then it is back to normal.  

Kudo’s to all of you for posting your pictures of the first annual soon to be in an RV Park near you BCI bus meet.  You have done an exceptional job.  I have enjoyed them immensely even tho‘ some of your camera’s appear to make me look rather portly.  Must be a chip problem or something?

Some of the comments have overwhelmed me.

After carefully reading thru a few of them, I woke up with … A dry mouth, shallow breathing and localized vascular throbbing.  The last time I had this much fun, was in a cheap motel in Santa Rosa, New Mexico … When the sun came up, my wallet was empty, and my portable CD Player was gone, in its place, I found nothing but dust bunnies! 

Thru all of this I have learned one thing:

“It is my belief that caution should be exercised when posting photo’s AND commenting.”

A few people are precariously close to suspension from The BoxcarOkie Fan Club, and there will be no refund of dues money distributed when this event occurs (page five, section six, sub-paragraph C, Boxcar’s Book of Baloney).  You will be summarily transferred to some other appropriate agency of pain and disrespect, where fun goes to die (you will possibly have to join FMCA first).

Speaking of dead birds … Nice blend huh? 

Just today I saw a battered old tired looking bus smoking down the Interstate with a bumper sticker that read:  I may not have had the best childhood, but I’ve certainly had the longest (anonymous)” and of course I thought of Pahrump. 

A small well hidden jewel in the desert somewhere in the Las Vegas basin, where I recently found myself being medicated by Dr. Tom from South Carolina or The closest Cracker Barrel somewhere on the Interstate. 

Time to go, I have to see my local Head Dr. about my “compulsive working the room disorder” and my appointment is this morning.  He is teaching me how to be a fly on the wall in the living room of life. 

Thankfully, I seem to be making slow progress, which is good, because it is not easy being me these days.  All of a sudden … I have no idea as to why …. But stacking rocks in the desert is looking better and better.



2 thoughts on “Suck It Up And Live!

  1. Perhaps the chip problem is a chip in the camera, or maybe a whole bag of chips! I’m thinking Doritos. :)

    I am thinkin you are half-right, it is Cheeto’s! Hah.


  2. Uh; sorry DS, methinks ya gotta substitute the word “chip” with “reality”. And before you yell ‘n scream back at me, in my neck of the woods the word “portly” is thought of as being pretty cool !!!

    Reality sucks. I always was told portly was a little bit heavy in the middle. Never looked it up, but I will now. WHY WOULD I SCREAM AT YOU? YOU IS MY FREN.

    Looked it up, it says tubby. Naner-Naner-Naner.


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