Open Marriage In Oklahoma

The shower felt good, it was hot, the water stinging his back was a welcome relief to the end of a hard day.  Patting himself down with a fluffy towel, he put on some under-arm deodorant and a splash of his favorite “Foo-Foo Water” just in case, and then he went to bed.

It was a long time before she came upstairs.


He was already under the covers, with them bunched tightly under his chin, his face hidden.  He felt her sit on the edge of the bed beside him, felt her hand on his shoulder.

Very gently, she nudged him a little and then said, “Honey?  Don’t forget tomorrow is trash day, make sure you get the can out to the road.

“I have a hard time being alone. I have a hard time being with people, too. I need people, but I think I only need them to need me.”

The bottom line? 

It is not always easy being me.  At times truly a tough job, but someone has to do it.  You see I cannot be someone else, that would waste the me that I already are … Okie Prose.