Holding Down The Fort …

DSC018024:00 A.M. good time to be up, “if you are a Bat.”

For all of you that are wondering, we were out on the Super Slab chasing all the boys with their bright shiny backdoors on their reefers, racing up and down the road in the Great American Southwest.  Which is now unfortunately just a glimmer of what it used to be. 

Quite a few old robust business are now shut down, anything useful or worth anything, stripped off and taken to the scrap man, in some cases, the appearance of a Ghost Town relic.  Good deal of trash on the roads, and the air was dingy and brown all the way out and back, things are not looking as good as they used to be in our country. 

It is in a way … it is kind of sad. 

Nice to be home and back in the abode, old bed feels good, and the smell of diesel is not in the air.  All I have to do is wash the trailer, wash the bus, unload some of items, wash the clothes … reload … and wait for the next one.  And then I suppose, wash me, but only the parts that smell bad and then call it a day.

Tough job, but someone has to do it.

Met a lot of good people this trip, upper-drawer, top of the line new friends, and that is always nice.  Would name a lot of them, but we all know that always doesn’t work, you will forget someone and hurt their feelings, so I will just say, “we met a lot of good folks on this trip and this rally” and had a great time.

And believe it or not … Not a single person was kung fu fighting.

First thing the wife did upon arriving home was step up onto the scales and check out her weight.  I firmly believe it is all right to care about how you look, and it certainly is a good idea to take care of hour health by eating right and squeezing in time for some kind of exercise. 

However, it is self-defeating to step on a scale everyday, especially when you are your exact weight for a seven foot tall man, such as I am.  She will tell you that I am scratching parts of me I have not seen in over five years … So why document it?


We had a motorhome fire on the Interstate outside Kingman AZ, stick and staples jobbies, burned to the ground, which kept us there 2.5 hours all total.  Brush fire outside of Flagstaff, another 2 plus hours, kind of screwed things up.  Only got flipped off one time, which was okay, some guy later gave me a thumbs up, so it cancelled out the nasty guy altogether (you get 1.5 Atta-boys for one thumbs up at the current rate).

About $1,300 for the entire trip cash spent (I didn’t count the table dance in Amarillo, Texas).  $901.00 for fuel (about $2.51 per gallon average), the days of running the road in this country for next to nothing, have disappeared from the landscape, traveling is no longer cheap.  We burned 333 gallons, ran 2,310 miles, for an average of 6.5 mpg.   

All in all …. Money well spent.

Next time you have some time on your hands and some spare scrilla.  Take in your local bus rally.  You will soon discover that you’re the PT Cruiser of people.  Your learning curve will expand … You will learn mechanical tricks you did not know.  Such as if a hammer or a butter knife won’t fix it, it’s broke for good.  That you are running the wrong motor, transmission, using the worst motor oil made and your dog is ugly.


But that is all part of the fun. 

Then there is the added bonus of being out on the American Highway … Always nice to pass a SWIFT truck on the road, and listen for the Wooooooooooooie coming thru the turnpike window … Kind of like the sound audiences make on a sit-com when two of the actors kiss.

The Old Hoopie performed well and was very little trouble.  Dirty as hell, it will still turn a head or two on the boulevard and that is always nice.  Nothing like an Iggle running hard on good pavement to make a guy’s day.

And yes … Some things never change … the right lane is still closed in 1500 feet.

It is good to be home.

Watch those right-handers


2 thoughts on “Holding Down The Fort …

  1. Glad you had a good trip and made it back safely, Don. You are back just in time for the severe weather season! Keep an eye on the sky!

    A great trip James, was so good to sit in the sun, 75* or higher each day … stayed at a winery in the desert.


  2. Hafta agree with James, DS; glad to have you back and all that ! Last couple of days while “surfing” the tube, saw that “Tornado” is back open and causing hurt ‘n misery. Remembered the town of Moore, OK from last year, and I’ve a couple ex-USAF dudes living in Tulsa. Home y’all are OK and Ma Nature has move on???

    If I had a farm in Moore and a house in hell. I would sell the farm and move home. Something about that place that seems to attract these storms. Good to hear from you.


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