Road Trip … 06-16-15

Bus cropped

No sense owning a bus if you are just going to sit around in it and pretend camp.  Time to get out on the road, weather window has opened, and we are out of here.  

Old StoreTime to get out on the boulevard, do a little “styling” and see, smell, and experience something out of the ordinary.  I hope that we might run across some of you in our wanderings, all of you unsung hero’s of the American Experience, working the odd hours for the consumer.

Don’t expect to be adding much here during the next couple of weeks, grab something from the archives while we are gone.  Do your best to be civil to each other, and try not to kill one and another while I am gone.

See you when we get back.



6 thoughts on “Road Trip … 06-16-15

  1. Have a good trip and may the wind be at your back.


  2. Have a good time, Don. Make good memories.


  3. Have fun and say hi to everybody for us.


  4. You picked a good time to hit the road, toad! Enjoy your journey! :)


  5. Hope you ‘n your enjoy the road DS ! Look for the cheaper prices for diesel when and if ya can ! Take some pictures and dazzle us with ’em when ya get back home !!!


  6. You go tear you up some pavement, you earned it brother!


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