What A Beautiful Mess …

Rum Theraphy

It snowed today, came rushing in from the Southwest, most folks I assume were ready for it.  Me?  Kind of oblivious to tell you the truth, winter time is my “shut down mode” time of the year.  My own personal silly season of life, completely self induced and for the most parts, drug free.

You, those of you who are normal, are sitting at the table, sipping your coffee and looking out the window.  You find beauty and serenity in the scene, crystal white virginal snow, no footprints, no wind, just a calming smattering of winter life lying on your front yard.

image1 Me?  I as a lot of you know, well, I am different.

I sit here with my luke-warm coffee and stare out the window and all I can think of is … No, that aint doing anyone any good. Let’s see?  

A huge musical bed and three Korean actors, trying to box the compass. No good?  Okay, Give me a second, I know as a Wordsmith it is my duty to paint a vivid word picture for you.

Okay, forget the bed thing. 

We are deep in the mine, the only light a mile and one-half down, is the dim yellow beams coming from the lantern on our helmets.  Five minutes ago, the main seam gave way, it all came thundering down, filling the cavity with dust and dirt, and now there is an erie silence, as we collectively access our precarious position we have found ourselves in.

There is no exit. 

You look around the mineshaft, and when you come to me, sitting there in the dark, you are somewhat alarmed.  As you have just discovered the guy who is figuring out which one of you that it is he is going to eat first.  Wintertime will do that to you … I assume experiencing a mine collapse aint much better.

No good huh? 

Okay will take one more stab at this miserable snow crunching day and then immerse myself in some other private fantasy, A feeble misguided attempt to conjure up something in the approaching dusk of the dying day, before Gold Rush comes on.  Looking out the window, I allow the season to once again, grab ahold of me.

fairy wishingNope, I got nuthin’ … 

In my desperation, I grabbed the telephone and made a call to my buddy in Western Oklahoma. He said that since early this morning the snow is nearly waist high and is still falling.

The temperature is dropping and is at about 15 degrees and the north wind is increasing to near gale force. His wife has done nothing but look through the kitchen window and just stare.

He says “that if it gets much worse, he may have to let her in”.



2 thoughts on “What A Beautiful Mess …

  1. We only got a couple of inches here. Then last night a light freezing drizzle capped it off. I think today we’ll have a nice melt when temps rise. You know this old Nebraska girl… what we got here ain’t nuthin. :)

    It has been a long while since we had a good snow, most of the time it is just bitter cold and no moisture. We got about the same here. Keep the faith girl, it isn’t too far off now.



  2. Being our here on the “left coast” and I “channel surf” to get around all those “talking heads” and their ramblings about what’s happening in Europe, I come across various weather news. When I click on my “weather channel” that DTV provides, EVERYTIME I do it’s showing all the freezing, rain sleeted, and cold numbing weather from Denver on to the “right coast”.

    I spent three years in gawdawful Lincoln, NE in the USAF and the coldest it ever got during that time (on the flight line) was 48 degrees below. When I got discharged, I swore that I’d NEVER go to a place where that type of weather was gonna get me ! Move forward now to 1975-1976 and I foolishly got conned into moving to the “right coast” ’bout 40 miles north of Philly, PA. Could not hack the cold, racism, horrible road conditions, and the union that was destroying my Distribution Center that I was in charge of. Back to the “left coast” we went. I must say to all that live east of Denver, that I’ll take the earthquakes, drought conditions, and traffic jams any day; y’all can have that cold, snowy, blizzard type weather !

    You get used to it, after awhile you just learn to accept it, bitch about it and keep right on truckin. Knowing full well that nothing lasts forever, spring will come, hopefully.


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