The Posse

One of my fondest memories in life are trips to the movies when I was a kid.  Me and a buddy, would talk Dad into driving us downtown to go to the movies on Saturday.  Always asked my Dad, cause if you asked Mom, she always had the “don’t you let no nasty old man touch you in the bathroom” lecture, and that kind of embarrassed me to no end.  That one, and the “my first bra in High school and the other girls ….”

I really hated that one.

Never had any problem with bathroom cruisers until later on in life, after joining the service and starting to hitch-hike quite a bit.  And there was always the bus station bathroom, “Hi Sailor.  What bus are YOU taking?” 

Yeah right, like I am going to tell you.

What in the world were we talking about here?  Oh yeah, Saturday Movies.  John Wayne, Randoff Scott, Robert Mitchum, Jimmy Stewart, Dean Martin, Roy and Gabby Lone Ranger Tonto/Kimosabhee (sp) … All the great actors of my time. 

Shoot ‘em ups, lot’s of action and not many girls.  When you are young and dumb, you don’t want any girls mucking up things.

Replaced the movies with reading Louis Lamour western based novels and naturally gravitated to them in my formable years in the service.  Used to sit on the flight deck of my carrier and read for hours, salt air, sunshine and a little memory making fantasy was the Plan Of The Day.

It was all there, the mystery, the scenery, the action, personalities, the good/bad/ugly.

The huge curtains open and the screen comes alive, a panoramic shot of Red Rocks and Sandstone … Sam walked out of the Relay Station and scanned the horizon.  He could barely make out the silhouette of the riders, seemed to be a bunch of them. 

The dust from their horses rose into the air, making slow circles in the blue sky.

Eventually they all rode up, about a half a dozen of them, a posse from Apache Wells.  Sheriff dismounted his horse, knocked the dust off his jacket and looked at Sam.  “Mind if me and my men, water our mounts, maybe get some grub?” 

Sam said, “Yes sir.  Always obliged to help out the law.  You an official posse, after someone?”

The sheriff said, “You bet.  The Mung Gang rode into town yesterday morning and cleaned out the bank.  Locked the tellers and the bank manager in the safe.  Then rode out of town big as Dallas saddle-bags stuffed to the brim.” 

Sam said, “You sure it was the Infamous Mung Gang, I aint heard of them in this neck of the woods in years.”

Sheriff replied, “Yeppers, we got eye witnesses said that they seen ‘em.  described eight men on horses down to a man.”

Sam said, “How’d you know it was Mung?”

Sheriff said “One of ‘em was riding a Shetland Pony, that be him, we aim to catch up with him soon.  When we do it is going to be mighty unpleasant.”

Ahhhhhh, the good old days.




2 thoughts on “The Posse

  1. A Shetland Pony as a getaway horse eh? :)

    Shoot lower boys, them boys be riding Shetlands! My Daddy used to say that all the time when I was a kid, bless his heart. You getting some weather today eh? Bundle up.




  2. I’d have to add Joel McRea to that mix too. Here awhile back someone sent me an email that listed and provided names ‘n pictures of all the “character” actors that usually showed up in most all of those old westerns. I remembered all of ’em except one. The standouts were: Slim Pickens, Edgar Buchanan, Charles McGraw, and so many others. YETHSIR ! Them thar was the days !

    Saturday morning sitting on a hardwood floor, eating cinnamon toast with my little sister and watch our soaps. Real cartoons too, I forgot that, not this fake _____ they show kids now.

    Colder than eight brass monkeys from the ancient sacred cyrpts of Egypt here. Stay warm.



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