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There are times when I miss Robin Williams.  There also moments, that I can personally relate to the guy, even to some point feel his pain.  Robin and I are kindred spirits in one sense. 

The pressure to be “on all the time” to say or do something amusing.  The uncontrollable desire to make someone laugh, being able to relate to the dark world of depression.  The simple fact that it is not easy being a comedian or the class clown in life. 

Robin Williams illustrated that very well in his professional and personal life and I know where it was that he was coming from.

Had a fellow walk up to me one time, someone I had never in my life met, and he said:  “Say something funny.”  Which sort of threw me a curveball, wasn’t expecting that at all.  Now and then I have to struggle in this old world, just to find something amusing, as bad as times seem to be.

If you desire humor in your life, I mean truly want it.  Just look at yourself, look at your family, it is all around you.  This has certainly been the case all my life.

Take this morning for instance, it happened to me again, and I can truthfully say I wasn’t even trying.  You may or may not find this amusing, I sure did.  Have you seen these boxes of hot chocolate mix with the little singular packages inside? 

Pretty neat. 

After giving up coffee a month or so back, I replaced it with hot chocolate.  Each morning or evening, as the case may be, I have a cup of delicious sweet hot chocolate.

Here is the rub … One of the drawbacks.

Now and then, as you rip one package open, it will stick together, you know what I mean?  I hate that.  This morning, it stuck together, and because I am often a dumb a** … I looked down at it, brought it up close to my mouth, and blew into it (to open the stuck bag) with some well applied force I might add.  Adding, that I did this with absolutely no forethought in the matter. 

This exercise in stupidity in turn opened the bag AND AT THE SAME TIME deposited on my forehead and face, a delicious brown powder (the contents of the bag).

About that time Cup Cake (my wife) came walking into her culinary sanctuary where men are not allowed only to confront this new brown-faced menace standing in her kitchen. 

She exclaimed “Oh good Gawd, what in the world have you done?”

Through closed eyes, I turned in the direction of her voice and I just said … “Don’t ask.”

Like I said, “if you want humor in your life, you just have to look around.”  At our house, it will surround you most any day of the week.

Robin, I miss you man.


6 thoughts on “Say Something Funny …

  1. Years ago i worked for a couple of months at the top of the mountain on Maui. (10,000 ft.) One of the first days there one of the guys ripped open a bag of potato chips, which proceeded to blow all over the lunch room. When we first moved to Az. we lived at 6000 ft., the wife opened a can of coffee which blew about 1/3 of it all over the counters and floor…..we quickly learned to poke a small hole into anything that was sealed.

    Is that the one with the telescope on the top of the mountain. Or it could be the one that was in From Here to Eternity, “take this man to the top of Kaului Pass with full pack and then bring him to me.” Hawaii is pretty diverse, 80* on the beach and 45 minutes later, standing in snow.

    Good to hear from you Ed.



  2. I miss Robin, too. He was unique.

    Reasonably sure there will never be another comedian as innovative, quick, and creative as Robin. That is for sure. He was as you say, one of a kind.



  3. I miss Robin. I think anyone who has had a brush with, let alone a life of depression can understand the pain that comes with it. I learned something today… from Ed’s comment. I did not know this! Ha ha!

    Yeppers, Ed is right, they do that. We took some potato chips up to Colorado, put them in the cabinet, got on top of the Rockies and they had expanded so much, we could not get them out of the cabinet. Was kind of strange.

    So are you staying warm in the land of pink skies?



  4. Years ago I was watching a late night show that had Johnathon Winters and Robin Williams on it; believe it was the late Merv Griffin’s show. Robin said then and had always said that Johnathon was his mentor, his idol, etc. etc. They both commented on the subject of always “being on” for most people. Their dialog sure did open my eyes to the world of comedians.

    I also remember back in the late ’60’s that Johnathon was spotted climbing the rigging of the Balcultha (sp) that was moored at the embarcadero in San Francisco Bay. It was found that he’d just “lost” it and was hospitalized for a time. When he was pronounced well enough to continue his life of “comedy” all his fans were over-joyed, including your truly, as to me, he’s the funniest comedian I’ve ever enjoyed. Next would be Richard Pyror.

    Johnathon was the absolute king of improv. I saw him do ten minutes one night on nothing but a stick. He was cool, he was also an accomplished artist and painted Native American art, which was bold, strong and beautiful.

    Robin, bless his soul, was missed this year, wife made me watch the Oscars and I kept expecting him to come walking out on stage at some point.

    Thanks for your comment Joey



  5. Don, The From Here to Eternity beach scene was filmed on Oahu and i imagine the rest of it was there or maybe Kauai. Most people think of the Big Island when they think of the telescopes but Maui has some too. When i was up there we were putting up another one. Robin was good but i liked Jonathan better. Takes a little longer than 45 minutes to get from the snow to the beach on either of the 2 islands that can get snow. :)

    On the 45 minute deal, I was just guessing. The place is amazing, I hear it is awfully expensive now, so Paradise does have a price (Disney is up too). I leaned more to Robin, might be because of the age thing, open heart issues, being a smart-ass all of my life. Jonathan was the most creative hands down.

    Thank you for your comment.



  6. Your lab imported it from New Zealand and has taken.

    Well Okay, when you are finished with it bring it back.


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