I am thoroughly convinced that if you watch three full episodes of The Bachelor, that you can be certified, brain dead.  My wife not only watches this, but she watches the commercials too.  Sitting there in my chair, with that deer in the headlight stare, my mind keeps playing over and over, shoot me, shoot me, please, take me outside and shoot me! 

Being as I am a man, I want to see something imploded or wrecked, salvaged or sunk.  Pretty basic masculine wish list if you ask me.

Another thing I am really getting tired of is “Rob Lowe” the new, the old, the dirty, whatever.  I mean … Who cares?  Commercials much like America are now evolving into something, I don’t know what, but they are changing.

Noticing a lot of Asians, Mexicans and other ethnic races in the commercials now.  Big hoopla not long ago about a “mixed family” and Cheerios.

KInd of cracks me up.  The garbage they try to spoon feed us each night.  You ever notice that when people are eating Chinese Food, they are most always using Chopsticks?  Over and over, this ethnic stereotype is portrayed in advertising and film. 

On average, I eat Chinese Food about three times per month, and without hesitation, I can assure you, it is seldom I see anyone using Chopsticks.  Myself I am “fair with them” but still prefer a fork or a spoon. 

Now and then, my wife (who is Asian) meets with her girlfriends and they all go out for Chinese.  I have accompanied them on several occasions and they all eat with chopsticks.  I of course, will use them too, but I am not all that comfortable with them.  The girls however get a kick out of it, and will lean over and in Chinese they will say to her … “Your husband is a good sport.”

Did you know that the Japanese and the Chinese are now being told to use regular eating utensils instead of the sticks? 

Throw-away chopsticks that are commonly used in most Asian countries … About 24 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are used in Japan each year. The impact of so many discarded chopsticks on nature is of course unsustainable.  China is now saying that this practice is destroying their forests and if something is not done, and soon, there won’t be much left for future generations.

This also leads to a disposal problem, what to do with all of them. 

Here is an idea, send me a container ship load, I will pile them under Rob Lowe and we could get some lighter fluid … Nah, wait a minute.  I believe that is still not legal in civilized countries, what was I thinkin?




  1. 24 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks are used in Japan each year. Never thought about how many were used. An amazing number. Imagine how many are used in China!

    It is as you can imagine, even worse in China. Latest thing I hear about them is they are now comin g here in droves, to get away from the pollution and to have children born on U.S. soil. As time wears on, it will eventually be the end of what we traditionally knew as “America” and something much different I am afraid.

    Now the good news, we won’t be here to see it I am pretty sure of that.



  2. Not only am I tired of Rob Lowe, that idiotic gal from Progressive Insurance, and ALL of the “trailers” for up ‘n coming TV shows. If one views those trailers, in my opinion, pretty much gives one the whole show ! I could go on ‘n on, but what’s the use? That’s where the “suits” on Madison Ave in the Big Apple have gotten us to nowadays.

    This is the first year in a long time where I didn’t watch the Superbowl for the commercials. Progressive is somewhat better than Rob Lowe, but you are right.

    Thank you for your comment Joe.



  3. do the Chinese dig holes with 2 sticks?

    That presents an interesting question Dave, I am not sure. You have to be careful when you seek out knowledge. I remember my father saying, “If you dig straight down at this spot, you will come out the other side in China!” That is what he said, later on, at the library I took a globe and figured it out myself … China my butt, you came up in India. Bet he thought I were a dummy, huh?

    Thanks for checking in …..



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