Thank Gawd It’s Friday …

February ... The month for Lovers.Who came up with this “Thank God It Is Friday?” thing. 

Back in the day … When I was young and working I dreamed of Friday for a rest day, only took eleven or twelve years in the seniority system, where it actually became a reality.  Now days, all of my “bad news” seems to come rolling down the pike and hits here on Friday.

Last night for instance, I had that dream again, where you fall, and right before you hit the ground, you’re a giant train going through a long dark tunnel.  Man, I hate that.  No cellphone reception, the heavy odor of diesel exhaust in the air, and then there is the matter of the headlight dilemma at the other end. 

One of these days I am going to dream I ate the world’s largest Twinkie and wake up only to find that my pillow is missing.


This morning I read that California’s water woes are progressively getting worse.  One in four household water wells in parts of California’s Central Valley contains potentially harmful levels of uranium, a U.S. Geological Survey study said.

Bad news.

Even Badder news (didn’t know that was possible?  Yup, sure is).  Some big mucky-muck, professor at a left-coast college makes this profound observation:  “I see groundwater becoming incredibly important in the ability to store water from those years that are wet and warm. When you’ve got it, put it in the ground.”   This idea is being presented as a solution to drought conditions, no snow, but more rain, collect the rain and recycle it. 

It is of course, not good science.  A great deal of our problems in this country, boil down to no leadership and at times, no common sense from those you would expect it from the most.  Sure we catch all that rainwater in the future, it in turn gathers up a great collection of nasty things in the gutter.  Insecticides, herbicides, gas/oil, storm runoff and even in some cases, human waste.

We collect all that, as has been suggested here, and pump it back into the ground?  Yeah, that is smart.  TREAT IT FIRST MEATHEAD … then dump it back into the aquifers.

We don’t need this kind of half-A** solution to our problems.  Only in America, where science is capable of flying you to the moon … And religion will fly you into a building.

Maybe a disclaimer before every news post would work.  You know:  Not dishwasher safe, keep away from small children and house pets.  The old shower/hair dryer analogy kind of thing.” 

Perhaps:  “No useful information here, skip to sports, todays breaking story, NFL player admits to making love to chickens!

I am headed to Facebook it is the month for Lovers (February) and I want to check my friends list.  You never know who is searching for you, b’sides John Welsh and the F.B.I..

As I gracefully grow older in life, I fondly remember the good times of my youth.  It doesn’t matter to me that she is now older, round in the hips, smoking two packs a day and coughing up hairballs from her cat in West Virginia. 

To me she is always going to be: 

Don you big stud, take me behind the bleachers on the football field!”

My old girlfriend, Gina Statutory.  She never was elected to any office, but boy, she was fun in ninth grade.

Have a Good Weekend.



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2 thoughts on “Thank Gawd It’s Friday …

  1. In California, Mother Nature is taking care of the problem of polluted wells. She is drying them up so no one is exposed to the toxins. 13 of the 14 warmest years on record occurred since 2000. The Republicans, including Sen. Inhofe (R-OK), have finally admitted climate change is real. However, they deny any role by humans. So, let the record setting droughts and other extreme weather event continue and sleep well while you know the megatons of emissions we spew into the environment have nothing to do with it. Forget what the scientists say and place your faith in those elected to Congress.

    Imhoff has reversed his stand, I didn’t realize that. Eventually even a blind hog will find an acorn. They have tree ring research on file right now that indicates mega droughts in the southwest and west, some of them decades in the making. There is a reason TB Boone Pickens is buying up all the water rights he can find. Get ready.

    Thanks James a good comment for sure.



  2. Then there’s my old home state of Nebraska… CORN country. Home of the Ogallala Aquifer, which has been dwindling at a rapid pace. Corn is a thirsty crop, and some question the inherent morality of using so much land and water to raise it, especially because so little of the corn grown in the U.S. is served as food. It’s either fed to cattle, or made into ethanol. Since 1980, it is estimated the U.S. government has spent $45 billion to subsidize ethanol production. Gads… the water issue is huge!

    Sadly a great deal of the population doesn’t even see that. It is going to be the “oil of the future” and at some time will even cost more than oil. I doubt seriously if I will ever see it. The Ogallala is going broke, some places in Texas they are now sucking sand. Man is always messing with nature, and in the end, he will lose. Sure no more dustbowl, but what did they do, replaced all the crops with water dependent plants/feed. It will return. Ethanol is a government subsidy for farmers and big money corporations, a hand out, for fuel that is more polluting than gasoline and delivering less energy (MPG).

    Have a great weekend, thank you for your well written comment.



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