Will You Be My Friend …

images-5One of the best things about life, is friendship.  Good friends are the cornerstone of all relationships.  I still remember and often communicate by telephone, email, my website, with friends that I have had since childhood. 

The younger set have a word for it … BFF … Best Friends Forever.

But things change in life, that isn’t always true.  A guy is a guy and then he meets a girl, falls in love, she cannot stand you, you are no longer friends.  It happens.  Same principle applies with women, my wife has friends I don’t like and they do not like me. 

Don’t get me wrong, friends are important. 

I am talking real friends, not FaceBook clones.  When I am down and out, I can conjure up in my mind and old friend, something they said or something that they did, and it will bring a smile to my tired old wrinkled face.

Life gives me my greatest inspiration at times, and here is where I channel it, catalogue or share it with new friends or folks who read my daily dirge.  Believe it or not, it is often therapeutic or some other word that Dr. Phil uses to describe a sane existence. 

My friends encourage me, and at times, motivate me.  I need friends and you do too.  A good friend will say, “Don’t buy the ticket to L.A. American IDOL is not really for you.”  An acquaintance or not-so-good friend will say … “You sing good.  Let’s do your hair!” 

You have to be very careful when you write about people in the first person, real people.  You never know what it is you are going to find in the mailbox.  Dear Sir, if you continue to banter around the name of Oprah, freely associating it with unsavory material, as you so are accustomed to doing.  You soon may find yourself in court, defending your literary talents to someone who is not of your audience on WordPress or Facebook.  Respectfully.”

February being the month of love and all that, has inspired me.  This month, I am going to try and make one new friend.  Along with a concentrated effort to improve my working vocabulary.

Just yesterday I was considering the word Masochistic:  The enjoyment of what appears to be painful or tiresome.  Taking it one step further, I thought in the spirit of the adventure, to create a totally new word … something personal that could apply to me. 

Here it is: 

Diabetichist:  Someone who uses the same needle three/four times, dulling it to the point of being almost not sharp, in order to inflict pain on himself and remove the cravings for a candy bar in his near future.

Who knows? 

Famous sayings or quotes could be next.  May your paths be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, but always leading to the most amazing natural place.  Grab your boot straps and stand up straight, don’t let this evil world put lines and wrinkles on your ugly Mugg.

But realistically my friends, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.



One thought on “Will You Be My Friend …

  1. Well fellow “diabetichist” and most definitely my friend (‘though we’ve never had the pleasure of shaking hands !) I’d have to echo most everything you’ve written here. I have a list of email addressees that 90% are of high school people. As you know, I’m the “primary” administrator of our high school Alumni site too.
    I really don’t believe in New Years Resolutions, but this year I promised myself that I’d “call” my addressees sometime during this year of 2015. I really think that when you’re able to keep ahold of “friends” like you’ve stated it’s therapeutic. I’ll try ‘n do the same with some of those alumni if and when I find that they have a phone number listed in their profile. Emails are fine, but a human voice now ‘n then to me, is almost close enough as a hug or a handshake !

    Fewer and fewer people are responding in Email formats, I don’t know why. My telephone doesn’t ring a lot on the incoming side. I remember a billboard out by the airport, it had a simple but chilling message. Was an old man, sitting at a table, telephone directly in front of him and the sign read … “It Never Rings” wow, that hits close to the house, eh?

    Have a good weekend pard, ordering that pizza tonight I suppose.



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