Kickin The Wrong Dog … Sell It Somewhere Else.


Black people are not the ONLY RACE being jacked around in America.  Stop … Look around.  Start with Native American’s … Try life on a reservation with no running water.  American born citizens of Japanese ancestry lost all of their possessions and property during World War II and were forcibly relocated to concentration camps.  They were never repatriated for what was stolen from them.

Stop bitching and crying about slavery and the Civil War.

When the Redneck in Florida shot the black kids ‘cause he did not like rap music the jury gave him life … might point out that all the white people did not get up in arms about it …  No one rushed out to burn down DisneyWorld.  When a disabled vet in Spokane was beaten to death by two crack-heads the media acted like it never happened.  Football or Basketball stars are not experts on social conditions in this country, same applies to Rush Limbaugh and Jerry Springer.

If you believe the media and its biased reporting of “the facts” your I.Q. is about the same as room temperature.

One jury is enough, what do we need Grand Jury’s for anyway.  It costs millions per year to house death row inmates.  Guilty?  Okay, times up.  New policy, lucky you …No waiting 15 years to throw out the garbage.  You cry babies don’t want to execute them?  Fine. 

Strap them to a 100lb. ball and chain, give them a hammer and have them pound rocks ten hours a day until they die.  Give nature a little help in the aging process.  Feed them, clothe them, put a roof over their head.  Turn off their cable TV, in cell telephones and let the air out of their basketballs, shut down their Gee-dunk store.

Burning down your own neighborhood is not a viable working solution to any kind of problem in the white community or the black community. Martin Luther King had a dream, but he did not live long enough to see it.  LBJ had a dream for the Great Society, which did not materialize.  Dreams are often a pleasant diversion in life, but dreaming doesn’t feed the baby.

Work feeds the family and the country.

Believe it or not, you are really not all that special or unique.  If you are born in the USA then you are Afro-nothing, you are an American. Stop having children out of wedlock, living on the public tap, selling life killing drugs to your neighbors and friends, setting fire to your own businesses.

Jessie and Brother Al … Clean up your own backyard and then come tell me how to improve mine.

After 100 years of this, you would think it would have gotten better.  It didn’t.  One thing I am sure of … I am sure that it is now time for us as a nation move onto something else. 


Just one night in this country, I would like to sit down and eat my supper and not have some media-no-brain-talking-head tell me that I am the problem.

We now return you to your regular programming.



One thought on “Kickin The Wrong Dog … Sell It Somewhere Else.

  1. Well written words my friend. This topic you’ve written about methinks just has to be felt by a good deal of Americans, be they white, brown, red, or yellow. I’m a firm believer in that until something is done in ALL communities in the US of A to stop or prevent teen girls from ALL races from having children out of wedlock, ending up with no father figure to help raise those children, things will just keep getting worse. To concentrate all the hoopla on one race is simply ridiculous. No, I’m not unaware of the percentages of the black population, but again it’s just not only them.

    For what now? 150 years we have been struggling with this and we still are sinking in the muck. Media only promotes it, seldom do they try to solve the problem. We are getting rain today.


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