Some Serious Thinking …

field-of-flowers1Ah spring!

When a man’s thoughts turn to fancy and things upstairs, generally run amuck for a short period of time.  Was over at the beanery the other day, the waitress there, wears shorts in the summer.

I was asking her when are they coming out this year, I would like to book a table.

She said that she had recently discovered a new perfume she thought was pretty sexy.  So curious I asked her about it and she said, “it is fairly strong and it has something in it that turns her boyfriend on.” 

She shared with me that every time they rode the Tunnel Of Love Ride, and the boats all backed up inside, he would almost say …. “I Love You.”

Recently I noted that something is up with my wife. 

Maybe it is the change in the weather, I dunno.  But it appears she may have been secretly waterboarded by Clearing House Sweepstakes via the U.S. Mail.  I think without her knowledge, someone has launched a covert attack and brainwashed her mind and she does not know it. 

For instance I note that she has started every sentence this week with:  When we get the five-thousand a week for the rest of our lives, I want to buy a ….. “ 

What’s up with that?

Personally, just as a thought, and as I am not Republican, I do not support waterboarding.  Now hooking ‘em up to a truck battery, bucket of water and some jumper cables placed in just the right place.  Well, that would produce any kind of information in the world, if it is done correctly.  The bonus is “they already have the towel for when the session is over and it is time to mop up.”  

(Yeah I know, don’t send me any letters)

Ahhhhhh, spring is soon to be here.  Spring has sprung and all the grass is riz … Hey?  I wonder where them flowers is? …  As my friend James said, Since today is supposed to be pretty with a high around 75, I’m going to try and hatch some ideas under my shade tree. I’ve already had one; don’t move to the northeast part of the country.”


Might be getting close to the time to drag that old hammock out and getting started on some serious thinking.

Jus Sayin



One thought on “Some Serious Thinking …

  1. Alas, this is the last spring-like day for awhile. Enjoy it while you can. I’m even wearing a short sleeve shirt today, in January!

    Really looking forward to it, had low blood sugar this morning, so I have to wait on that to stabilize and then plan on doing something to our bus later on.

    Thanks for the comment.


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