Clifford … Look Out!

Man I am sorry Clifford.

The other day I was over at this Sports Bar, you know, the kind of place where they have these girls dressed up like … Well, I met this bunch of guys and they were wanting to know if there were any good airports in the area.  So I said, “What are you looking for airports for?” and this one said, “Oh we just like to run around, point our fingers at the planes and yell bang! Watch them drop from the sky, you know of any places close to here?”  Then when one asked where he could rent a crop duster, I just said … “Naw, aint nuthin like that around here.”

Anywho, I got to talking to these guys, you know me, and I kind of let it out of the bag that you had this huge stash of parts (Iggle and other brand buses), in your backyard.


First thing you know, they all jump up and ran out of the place at break neck speed, quickly loading up in their truck.  As they were screaming out of the parking lot with their cold brew and hot wings.  I found myself cupping my hands and calling out to them.

I said, “What the _____ ?” and this one shouts back to me …

that was MoJave Arizona, right?


Don’t mean to alarm you, but I think it was a bunch of them Eagle guys, but I am not sure.  They are bringing their own bags, so you won’t have to ship anything for free this time, might work out, I dunno.

Just so you know …