The Big Boy Buffet and BCI Countdown … March 2015

DSC01713Early Morning Musings:  This morning I have come to terms with some impotent issues, things that in the past have given me considerable cause for concern. 

So early in the morning, long before a few of you have even thought of getting up, I am hacking away at the demons that enter my world to destroy me.

To be or not to be:  This morning as I lie in that bed thinking to myself, “Do I want to rise to the top of the pole, and fly like a True American Hero, or just stay down here on the ground with the rest of these turkeys?  No snooze button, no hurry, get a grip Don, today could be YOUR day to shine.

Learning to smile:  This week, I may have, quite by accident, stumbled onto a answer to a recurring problem in my life.  And that is this … “People with no sense of humor.”  A lot of my problems are directly related to that, and believe it or not, I have literally no problem finding people who will point this out to me.  Need to work on that.

Adding to the wash:  For some reason, a lot of my shirts no longer fit, it could be something the wife is adding to the wash or the dryer settings.  All of my shirts have gotten much tighter, and it seems to be right around the middle area.  It could be the detergent, You know, “if it gets out those tough grass stains and blood you may have a bigger problem than you imagined” deals. (Jerry Seinfeld)

Bus meets and T-shirts:  Filling out my form for the BCI bus meet in Pahrump Nevada I note that Pam & Tony (the sponsors of this event) have included commemorative T-shirts for the meet. 

Sizes:  Small (sm), Medium (md), Large (X) and Xtra Large (XXL). 

Here-on lies the rub. Wow!  That almost sounds Shakespearian or something doesn’t it?.  (Another blank verse in the comedy of my life)  Back to the Michael Jordan Fruit of the Loom no tag-T shirt thing. 

There is no provision in the BCI Meet Form for the big boys.  Those robust road-warriors who walk among our ranks, the highway-gangsters of the slow-lane who are not shy, and belly up to the Buffet Bar with the rest of the herd. 

There should be a XXL/FB (Extra-Large-Full Belly) size offered to them.

A new Lexical … This (XXL/FB) could be a new abbreviation added to the American language in 2015.  Sort of like …BUFFET:  Big Ugly Fat Folks Eating Together. 

The BCI Meet in the desert should be a real hoot, hope to see you there.  I sure hope we can find something good to eat in Pahrump, if you have not turned in your registration, this is the time to get on the stick and send it in.  Pam and Jack have gone to a great deal of trouble to set this up … We need to support them (Tony is pretty resourceful, I don’t worry about him too much).  

Send it in and show up … Now is the time. 

See you later.  Almost lunch time.  Most likely will talk to the wife about the shrinking shirt thing at that time, we are going to Golden Corral Buffet later to put on the feed bag.

Hope I don’t sneeze all over the glass like last time. *


*  Please feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you wish, I would be it has a tendency to get me in trouble at times.

Here is the link:  The Big Boy Buffet and BCI Countdown 2015