Little Tough Greasy Stains …


The Boys have been talking oil changes this week.  (I call them “The Boys” all the time, they are bus-guys over at BCM/BNO) 

Anyway, they are talking about oil changes, price of oil, and other issues guaranteed to keep you riveted to the edge of your seat.

Everything is going well in the “how to change your oil world of bus threads” and one person says “to be careful because it can get messy.”  Which I agree with, good advice, so I post a picture (the picture below) of an oil change I did. 

Photo documentation that clearly points out the dangers of being not very careful or paying attention to detail.  A now infamous shot of my skills  that did not come off just right.


It was as you can clearly see, at completion a horrible mess.

If anyone cares, my major problem were my buckets used to catch the waste oil, a few were too high (or the bus was too low) I am not really all that sure.  I had one bucket cut to height and it worked swell, but that was that in the end. 

Naturally, in the following comments on the string, I took some good natured ribbing about it, which was to be expected.  It was all in good fun, and believe it or not, I recognized it as just that. 

But then again.  I am an adult.  And I do my best to act that way.

All of us do things that are stupid, wish we had not done them, and often embarrass ourselves to no end.  But that is all part of the fun.  Why some people insist on attacking you for pointing out something a little off from the norm is beyond me.  As I am pretty thick skinned, it doesn’t bother me all that much.


My shop is littered with stains, all kinds, shapes, and forms.  I have gas spills, diesel spills, kerosene, paint, cleaners … You name it.  Face it folks I am not anal, and I am far from described as neat.

At one time I had aspired to obtain NASCAR status on my shop.  A#1 light fixtures, painted floor, a tool box with a radio and ice chest inside.  Eventually what I settled for was a good, basic working shop, without a pit.

People will look at stains in the floor while visiting my shop and they say …. “Man, what are all these stains?” and I say, “Well, this is a working shop, it is not a museum.”  

Then they point to the human-caricature white lines drawn on the floor in the shape of a man and say …. “What are those?

I reply, “Oh those?  That is where the cops chalk out-lined the bodies of people who were prone to asking stupid questions” … No big deal.

Watch those right handers.


You are welcome to leave any comments you wish on my lame blog, it is not my intention to trash up BCM/BNO and it doesn’t bother me in the least.

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One thought on “Little Tough Greasy Stains …

  1. It gives it character and tells the history of our work don’t it!…. My wife says I have caulking, diesel fuel or paint on all my shirts. I say whats your point. LOL

    We share some of the same concerns. My girl hates it when she finds rags, cloth, cleaning stuff in the dryer and washer, so have had to export them to the laundry instead. But DW … y’know and I know … Happy wife/Happy life.

    Thanks for checking in.


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