Stop Beatin On Me …

imgresA couple of trolls shot me full of holes this week (on another site), alas, my wounds not all that severe, will heal with time and I should survive. 

These two bozo’s are most likely coming over and lurking here, reading this, but as they are Internet trolls they will not comment here, as they know that here, I control the material.

BTW:  Comments here are not moderated and are wide open.

They will not avail themselves of this fact, because it is the manner of Internet Trolls, slimy little electronic bullies, who are basically cowards, who live or exist only to hit and run.

The thing that bothers me the most about it, is they used one of my tricks to band together and set me up, and like a dummy.  I fell for it.  It reminded me of Jack Nicholson’s scene from “The Witches of Eastwick” where he spews cherries all over the place and then says …. “Ah that aint nuthin‘ I taught ‘em that trick! 

Jack and I go way back, I am an unabashed fan of Mr. Nicholson.  

Shot With My Own Gun … that always has a profound tendency to hack you off.  The bad thing is the fact, that in order to preserve the peace, the moderators will step up and lock it up or just delete it.  Which is fine with me, I can usually hold my own.  The thing that disturbs me the most is “some Nimrod gets aggressive with you, and you defend yourself” and they pull it all down and send you a warning to knock it off.

“Let’s run this one up the flagpole and see if anyone will salute it” 

Why don’t we tag them (Trolls), everything in this country is labeled and assigned some kind of PC status these days anyway.  Each time we locate a troll, and it is proven that they are what they seem to be, tag them like a sex offender or Pedophile.  That way, the rest of us will know up front and first hand what we are dealing with.  Yeah, that might work.

Now please excuse me, I believe I need to row the boat a little faster,  I think I hear Banjo Music.


Comments is open, give it a whirl.