The Resurrection

The old preacher pulls up a chair on the pulpit and then invites all the youngsters in the congregation “that are in Big Church” to come up and sit with him. The little dinkers settle down at his feet, in a small circle around the preacher, and he says to them:

Does any one know what The Resurrection is?” 

One small boy raises his hand, strains hard to get noticed, and the preacher says to him, “Bobby you know, what the resurrection is?

The kid says, “Oh yes, if you have one and it lasts for more than four hours, you need to see a doctor!

Kids.  You never know what is going to come out of the mouth of a kid.

Often I will share with my wife what it is that I am working on, we will sit at our table, and I will read what I am writing or composing back to her (it also allows me to spell check it at the same time, insure the grammar and sentence structure are ok). 

So she says to me … “What are you working on?” and I reply, “Oh just a piece based on kids and The Resurrection.” 

She mulls that around a little and says, “Read it to me.” 

Then I read it to her and she says, “I don’t get it.

(she does that a lot by the way)

So I said it is about The Resurrection, and Viagra, Y’know, how little young minds often confuse things, it is funny dear.  I went on to explain to her that some people believe that when you die you get reincarnated but must come back as a different creature. 

Again she takes it all in, and then looks at me with those big brown eyes and says she would like to come back as a cow. 

I said, “You obviously haven’t been listening.

So today, quite by accident I learned two new things:

  1. When you wake up.  Your eyes open immediately, but this does not insure your brain fully engages and is in good working order. 
  2. Whenever you write at the kitchen table?  Always wear your earphones.

Who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?  There might be hope for me in 2015 after all.




4 thoughts on “The Resurrection

  1. Rule 3. Do nothing important before coffee is finished.


  2. I’m one of those creatures that believe he/she should complete the “morning constitution” BEFORE any coffee or whathaveyou. Then, there’s just no reason whatsoever to have a “crappy” outlook on life !


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