Kill ‘Em All … Let God Separate Them Later.

Go Ahead Make My Day

Go Ahead Make My Day

Oklahoma is once again making headlines.  This time for taking out the trash, and whether or not it was done right.  The state this week executed a convicted man who “raped and killed and eleven month old infant.”

Now take a minute to let that sink in … An eleven month old baby. 

Big media fuss made over whether he is was executed fairly, humanely, whether or not he suffered.  So who cares if he suffered, who cares how they got rid of this garbage.  Dress up a clown and have him rush in the door and slap him in the face with a poison pie! 

And don’t take twenty-years to do it.

A reader this week commented to that “they felt much better” since they stopped reading the news, since they stopped watching it on television.  When you take a serious hard look at what is out there, well, it would or could certainty change someone’s mind. 

Our local television channel has this Chef guy, he is on every now and then, whipping up gourmet delights for the masses.  Big goofy white hat, he looks at the camera and says, “You can make this with any sort of nuts or mixture of nuts, and it is really good as well, the nuts keep for ages.  But I doubt if they will be around for long.

A quick cut to the cutesy movie star looking female reporter:  “So while you go for the break.  I am going to have a nibble on the Chef’s nuts.  Which should have really made Mom & Dad so proud after coughing up all that money for a quality four-year education in Journalism at the University Of Oklahoma.

Not convinced? 

Try this one:  The dog led them to her puppies, nestled under a log in the forest, there were three boys and two girls, which were picked up and brought to the vet. 

I am not making this up.  Who writes this drivel anyway?

Channel Five, Late Breaking … Today’s AlAlzheimer’s tip for all you Senior Citizen Baby-Boomers in our viewing area:  “You know how to tell you are getting old, you hear an old familiar song on the radio and the wife sez … “Is he still alive?  Back to you Jan.”

Channel Nine … YOUR channel for news … “We are interviewing the oldest Oklahoma WWII Vet in the state.  Today Buzz (reporters in Oklahoma have catchy first names), we are at the Veteran’s Hospital in Oklahoma City … What do you remember the most about WWII Jim Tom Littler (People in Oklahoma have three first names).” 

“Ah, let me see?” Jim Tom, ponders this question for a bit.  Smiles his best toothy smile (no dentures in his mouth) and says:  “My good friend Hal and our last trip over Germany.  Hal was a good bombardier, probably the best the Army Air Corp had ever seen, if only he hadn’t jumped on them doors to get ‘um un-stuck.” 

Okay …. Have to leave you all now, the news is coming on. 

I am off to walk my pooch.  My favorite critic, my little dog that follows me where-ever it is that I go.  Who is also my greatest fan.  And no, before you say it or think it, “I am not his Daddy.


4 thoughts on “Kill ‘Em All … Let God Separate Them Later.

  1. I think much of our laxity in writing and good journalism is due to poor education, and a disregard for professionalism. If we are not held accountable for our actions (or lack of), poor journalism ensues. I’ve worked with people having degrees and master degrees who couldn’t compose a paragraph, let alone put together a grammatically correct sentence, complete with appropriate punctuation (when I worked for the State of Oklahoma). As for the execution, it’s all about karma for me. There are consequences to every action… every decision. If the media wants to present it otherwise, there is little to do about it. Like you, it was a horror to think of an infant being raped and killed. Who on earth could wrestle with thoughts about how the rapist/killer ended up dying? And that chef, Mr. Food? Oklahoma started a “health and wellness” campaign a few years back. Channel 4 still has the “Mr. Food” segment on, featuring a rather robust chef, boasting some of the most calorie-laden, unhealthy foods I’ve ever seen.

    I completely understand not watching TV. In fact, I don’t watch most of the time.


    • Thank you for your well written comment, I have to agree with what you say. The Chef thing, you do know who it is that I am talking about. I would have provided details, but in this litigation society we live in, thought better of it.

      But we both know where to look for him, don’t we?

      I have a little niece, sweetest little child on the planet (who says I am prejudiced?) not long ago, I was talking to her, she was sitting in my lap, just chattering away like a Magpie on a fence post. And I started to cry, don’t know why. Her Daddy looked at me and said, “What is the matter with you?” and I said, “Oh, just the thought of someone doing something awful to her, well, it just breaks my heart.”

      As for capital punishment being fair, unusual cruel PC hogwash. I don’t know, but I sure as hell do not feel sorry for them if they suffer or not.

      Might be getting in touch with my new me again. I am currently thinking about stopping my gender reassignment procedures, and shifting my emphasis to being “Mr. Language Person” but I am not sure if it is legal in Oklahoma.

      Boxcarokie has served me well, but it could be time to move on … Whadya think?

      Thanks for checking in, you always make my day.



  2. You just started BCO up again DS ! After conversing with you for some time via the “singing lines” you’ve schooled me on hard the task is to “create” on an everyday basis. Now that you’ve come back, I along with a few readers that have come back to read your musings, would hope that you’d continue (easy for me to say, huh?) I enjoy reading the comments of others and have gone back into the topics listed on the right of the page (s) and certainly get a kick out of said comments. I also realize, as others might, that it is your choice and one has got to do what he’s got to do that’s for sure !


    • It can often be a drag Joey, but so far, it has worked out well. It usually ends up with me trying to do so much with so little, and then like a circus clown, I find all of these balls in the air at the same time.

      That can get intimidating fairly quickly.

      Comment any time you wish, you do well with it.



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