Hey Don,

I just wanted you to know I’m happy ¬†you’re writing again. You have a creative flair for candid conversation.

Makes my day to read it!

Not much new going on here… just wanted to say “hello”. I’m glad the holidays are over. That gets to be just too much activity and expectation for me.

I also wanted to thank you for the heartfelt email you sent a while back when I was feeling low. You are one of the few men to talk about important “life” issues, and I appreciate that you shared openly.

I question a lot of things at this point in my life. It’s good to get positive and helpful feedback.

Enjoy the day… looks like another drizzly one… maybe. I’ll be doing the winter bird survey for the Dept. of Wildlife Conservation again today. I’m always amazed at so many species in our part of the state. Tough little birds they are!

So, like Debra on Everyone Loves Raymond is so fond of saying ….. Just So You Know.

It isn’t always bad news, some of it is actually pretty nice at times.


Here is a link to today’s regular post Swimming In The Gene Pool ….

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