Swimming In The Gene Pool …


This is for all those unfortunate souls who are not grandparents at this time.  You could possibly consider it a warning of sorts.  Grand-parenting is unique and sometimes difficult.

When you do reach that juncture of life, you will find a rude awakening headed your way.  When that grand-baby arrives, be it a boy or a girl, doesn’t matter, you (the grandpa) will immediately sink to the bottom of the food chain.

We have six grandchildren, most of ‘em boys, and the youngest is about three now.  He is a real hoot, I get a kick out of him.  He has the wife wrapped around his little finger.  His act doesn’t work with me, I am usually a “No” vote.  When this happens, he is not disturbed in the least, he goes to the living-room and looks for Grandma. 

She is HIS lawyer in all disputes, and he usually wins when she represents him.

The girls are the opposite, they get just about anything their little hearts desire, and I am like putty in their hands.  The little one used to crawl up in my chair, get in my face, put her tiny hands on my cheeks, and look at me with those great big brown eyes and say softly … “Don’t get ugly, grandpa.” 

More than once, I am here to testify, it changed my total demeanor.

This year they all showed up (they live in Houston) and the youngest kid had on this really strange hat.  I could not look at him without smiling or grinning, it was just … Uh …  a stoopid looking hat.  Now you have to remember, a three-year old doesn’t even remotely consider he is looking stupid, he is having too much fun.

It didn’t take long before his father said, “What’s going on Dad?  Why are you grinning like that.”  So like the donkey I am, I told him.  “You ever notice, that a kid doesn’t care what he looks like?  You ever notice that they are appearing to the rest of the world like complete idiots and it doesn’t bother them a bit?”

Our boy then asked me, “You think MY kid looks stupid?” and I quickly replied, “No.  Oh hell no.  I was jus sayin … and then I kind of drifted off to the kitchen (Often discretion is truly the better part of valor, if you know what I mean?).” 

Eventually told him, “Listen son, don’t worry about it.  He will with the passage of time grow out of it.  They usually do.” 

That more or less put it to rest, but maybe, just maybe, sometime in the future I will show him a photograph or two that might shed some light on all this.


It will explain things to him, enlighten him a little bit on the gene pool of life and how some are swimmers and the others are …. well, you know.


6 thoughts on “Swimming In The Gene Pool …

  1. i would show him the pictures, especially if you have any of him at that age.


    • We don’t have any pictures of him which are similar, all his pictures believe it or not, are cute. Kids are a real hoot, I really spend a lot of time watching them, listening to them, and enjoying their company. Taught my grand-daughter to drive a tractor, my grand-son how to weld.

      Of all the hats I own, the one that reads “Grandpa” is the best one I have.



  2. You look really good in the pink hat, Don.


  3. Yes, the pink hat (is it a pig?) is my favorite too!


    • The pink hat is my favorite, they love it at Starbucks, but the security guard at the bank he watches me like a one-eyed cat in a fishmarket.



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