Creating A Big Vacuum …

You Suck. You are the worst writer I ever read!”

To be honest about all this.  I get a little uncomfortable with the label “writer.” A writer knows all about verbs, nouns, sentence structure, paragraphs, all that other organization/compilation of the English language stuff.

A writer knows (or is supposed to know) how to do this in the correct fashion.  As for myself? I would be considered what some call a hack.  I just hammer it out, and that is about it. I am a “writers” absolute worst nightmare.  Bottom line (as if anyone really cared) I am a story teller … Never have really considered myself a writer.

So I guess that should be:

“You are the worst STORY TELLER I have ever read.”

That might be closer to the truth.

Life despite it all,
is still being good to me,
I can still maintain a healthy outlook on things in general.
I have suddenly discovered I suck

Exactly why no one knows.
And I am somewhat miserable
Just flat outta luck I suppose.

I cannot complain,
I am doing alright.
My lawnmower still starts on the first crank

Bills are paid
Have money in the bank
Today my favorite numb-chuck sent me a link

Rest is available to me when I need it.
My health is improving.
Still have my cake,
but because of Diabetes,
I can no longer eat it.

That is how it often goes.
First your money and then your clothes.

“You Suck. You are the worst writer I ever read!” 

Another fan has been located; stick a bright red pin in the map.  This bozo probably wouldn’t recognize good writing if someone handed it to him on a business card.


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3 thoughts on “Creating A Big Vacuum …

  1. Funny how those who can’t, criticize those who do.


  2. Well, I’m here to tell ya that you’re my “Good Time Charlie” and it’s a treat for me to click on BCO in the a.m. during the week. I also agree with what James has posted in that those who “CAN’T” ought to just dial it down a WHOLE LOT and get on with their miserable life.
    Keep it comin’ Don, good, bad, sarcastic, irrelevant, or just plain truthful !!!


    • That is great Joey, I appreciate it. It is not often easy to come up with something on a daily basis, that is upbeat and at times, humorous. But we try. Don’t always hit a home run, but we do suit up for the game. I understand that THS has a reunion scheduled for this year. Fifty years for me, wow, I mean W-O-W that is so hard to wrap my head around, y’know it?



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