Who Is I …

imagesThis morning we shall dive deep into the mystery of “ID Theft” in this country.  Round #2 of our hard-hitting-expose on what the possibilities could be if this should occur.

If someone stole your personality and personal information what type of problems would this present.  Would my wife recognize me, would my dog allow me to reach down and pet him on top of his head? 

Important questions. 

Then there is the bright side, there is always a bright side, didn’t you know that?

All those people who call you and want to solicit your vote, they will not have your new-you identity and your new-you telephone number.  No more calls for storm windows and doors, carports on the front of your house, CVS and United Health Care because that guy is no longer around. 

And because you live in your newly established new-you world, no pesky letters from Clearing House Sweepstakes.  You are a finalist no where on the planet, the old-you gets that stuff now, you as the new-you get nothing.

The I.R.S. cannot find you, you no longer exist, as the new-you just just kind of slip thru the cracks as the politicians are so fond of describing corruption and theft in this country.

The bartender no longer will be able to give you your usual, as you as the new-you, are not all that familiar with him to begin with.  All the old sad songs on the radio do not apply in your new happy life, the sad songs and the down stuff is for the old-you.

In the dark you slide over to her side of the bed, you put your lips up to her ear and whisper sweet nothings to her and surround her with new energized affection and love. 

The heart in the new-you chest is beating hard and fast, the perspiration beads up in the temple of your new-you head and you sigh, long and hard, as you pull her body close to you.

She says … “Knock it off, I am tired.  Go to sleep.”

Which just goes to show you, “you can only take a totally new-you so far in this world” some things work for the betterment of man, and some things do not.

But what the hey?  It is always worth the shot.


3 thoughts on “Who Is I …

  1. Given the choice, I’ll just stick with the old me, imperfect as I am.


  2. Yeah, like James here, I’ll stick with the “old me”; made it this far with all the trials ‘n tribulations that I’ve won ‘n lost over the years !


    • Maybe I am wrong. The idea was “you lose your identity” it did not imply or suggest that you opt to get a new identity.

      “If someone stole your personality and personal information what type of problems would this present.”

      In other words, you are forced to become the New You.



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