Violated In Cyberspace …

computer-duckHere lately, I have been devoting a lot of time and thought to the matter of Identity Theft.  Recently I found a lot of stuff on my computer that was NOT supposed to be here. 

Some ____ head on the other side of the world got access to my information processing appliance.  I have been hacked, electronically violated, and it did not set well with me.  Surely a serious concern in our day and age, the invasion of your space and the loss of one’s personal information to someone who is gonna be less than trustworthy with it.

It amazes me the attitude of some credit agencies and banking institutions concerning this important matter.  It is stolen information, but you, the consumer, are responsible for it.  To make matters even worse, they get their files hacked, and allow your personal information to be compromised and you are still held accountable for that too. 

At one time in my life, someone passed me a counterfeit $20 and they made ME make it good.  Something is not right when this is allowed to happen.

So far I.D. Theft has not happened to me, so I have never had to endure this long process of recovery, but I can assure you it is still on my mind a lot of the time.  These days I am very stingy with my personal information because of it, to the extent of taking my mail to town to mail, just in case.

Which presents another question. 

If someone was to steal your information and assume your identity, why is it that you cannot just assume a totally new I.D.?  Now if that were the case that would certainly be a plus for me. 

Would they take down all those old pictures at the Post Office?  I will check into this and get back to you soon. 


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4 thoughts on “Violated In Cyberspace …

  1. Might want to change all your passwords on important accounts.


  2. Back in November of last year I was “hacked” by 5 different people; or so I was told by the outfit that “fixed” my Google gmail account. So for the tune of $200 my gmail account was fixed and I was able to get back to my emails. When I later checked with Google (too late by then) to see why this outfit was not returning my phone calls ‘n emails, I was told they had no affiliation with those scammers !
    Reading your comments here, I must say that it truly IS a very, very humiliating experience running around to the credit union, and other places one has an email/password account with and getting everything corrected. I don’t wish that type of experience on anyone !

    PS – as you can see Don, I’d re-arranged my pathetic brain cells and figured out how to add this handsome picture of myself ! (ha, ha, ha !)


    • Joey, you have an avatar, welcome to the 21st century my friend! I am locked down on the passwords and I believe everything is in good working order and nothing can go wrong …nothing can go wrong …nothing can go wrong …nothing can go wrong …nothing can go wrong …

      Thank you for your well written comment.



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