An Open Reply To An Internet Troll

The moderator at BNO asked me very politely to not trash up their site, and after considering his request, I figured it made sense.  This my site and if I want to “trash it up” replying to someone who is seemingly not all there, I feel that, if I want to do it is okay.

First about my blog.  As I feel I have something of worth to say, I say it.  I also share it with other people, so far, you seem to be the only person who considers it lame.  Some folks cannot take criticism well, and believe me, I understand your apparent frustration.  The manner and/or fashion that I choose to distribute or share my work is of no concern to you.  Seeing no valid reason to defend what I do (my blog) and how I do it.  As for your off the wall comments about my blog being lame, I will say this.

Creative Endeavors did not get 1.3 million views, recognized in over 100 countries world-wide by being lame, boring, non-factual or repetitious in nature.  Please provide me a link to any of your accomplishments of a noteworthy mention.  Yeah, thought so.

Some have found my opining (often refereed to as sarcasm) or free expression of thoughts negative in nature.  Freely I admit, there are people who like it and those who do not.  You have repeatedly voiced which side of the bread you want your share of the butter to be on. 

Fine.  Your protest has been duly noted.

Just to show you that I bear you no ill will.  I will post something in your honor on my lame blog in near future … I will call it … The Missing Link.

Sincerely yours, the old dolt, dullard, AARP mentally deficient person, the guy who drives down the road with his seatbelt hanging from the door making sparks on the road with his left blinker flashing and brings meaning to your wretched life.

The Old Man


2 thoughts on “An Open Reply To An Internet Troll

  1. Sooo… how do you like AARP? ;)


    • I am not all that sure if that is good or bad? Their monthly publication is terrible Michelle, I usually just deep six it in the trash. I agree with some of their agenda and some of it I do not As I continue to age, I find I am more cranky and disconnected from American Life such as it has come to be.

      Having been in the hospital six times in 18 months, poked, probed, two operations and a mountain of pay me first envelopes. I just sigh and say to myself … “It is a good day to be above ground.”

      Still enjoy your site, my hat is off to you girl, you do a cracker jack job of it.



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