An Open Reply To An Internet Troll

The moderator at BNO asked me very politely to not trash up their site, and after considering his request, I figured it made sense.  This my site and if I want to “trash it up” replying to someone who is seemingly not all there, I feel that, if I want to do it is okay. Continue reading

Mucking Up The Waters …


Holy Smokes, so late in life, but I may have a Man Crush … I could be in love?  It could be I am falling hard for one or two of my Internet Hero’s.  It is after all, close to spring. A full moon, maybe something in the water.  I have developed here lately some kind of weird affectation for Mung, or Vern, or ROS on the bus boards and I don’t know why?

As I absolutely hate all these people who use big words just to make themselves look perspicacious.  I will do my level best to make sure this is not long in the tooth, nor boring.

Here goes. Continue reading