Jus Sayin – Last One


Steven Wright cracks me up, if I get an opportunity to see him, I always try to make it.  The past ninety days I have been trying some different things here and on FaceBook.  Some of them have been in the spirit of Steven Wright or perhaps, Dave Barry. 

Both men talented in their own rights, worth emulating if you will.  Jus Sayin has been one off-shoot of this type of thinking.  And even tho’ I sincerely enjoyed my trip into obscurity and yes, total-non-sense at times, it is time to put a stop to it (Jus Sayin). 

While fun and enjoyable to throw together.  It has made me lazy and unfortunately, helped me to form some new habits, that I find are not constructive or conducive to good blogging (yet alone grammar).

From time to time, all of us here, will try something different.  I jumped on FaceBook to get a little taste of that.  Some surprising things happened.  For one, “I recently found 290 photo’s tucked into a file on my computer, not of my making.”

That was kind of disturbing and also depressing because of the content of these photo’s.  Now I know why the cops are so quick to seize the computer when they raid the house.

But that is a horse of another color, we are drifting here, sorry.

FaceBook as a social media platform, in my opinion, is a miserable failure.  People are so quick to hit a Like Button and then move on, seldom have time to share a real thought.  It is also intrusive, asking questions of the user all the time, profiling what it is, who it is, that you are mingling with or following.  Much like Goggle, tracking your every move.

I have noticed here and over there, that people are now regressing to a point where a written comment is just about unheard of.  Years ago I lamented about this very same point on BoxCarOkie, and today, it is even worse than it was then. 

People are apparently so busy trying to make a life, they do not have time for one.  Same thing happening regarding actual real comments.

It takes virtually no talent, drive, or imagination to click on a Like Button.  Same with video’s and cutesy sayings and electronic cards (when you cut and paste, that is their spirit, imagination and thoughts not yours). 

Email is a joke and not to be trusted. 

The FaceBook media makes it easy to skip the outpouring of the human spirit, the sharing of ideas, or communication in its basic form.  It is for lack of a better analogy, a swift exit from real life and the world we all share each day.

So we click the button and we move on. 

We are so sad, we click “Like” on a child fighting for his life with leukemia, or when Grandma dies.  We cannot say “I love you” but instead tell everyone where we are putting on the feed-bag for supper, or send a photo of our latest high calorie, cholesterol filled creation.   

How people can construe that as “communication or sharing” I will never know.  Having said it before, I will say it again.  “There is nothing on FaceBook that cannot wait.” 

Pick up a phone, call your kids or a friend … Hell, just try to “talk to someone” for a change, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Jus Sayin

(Last one)


2 thoughts on “Jus Sayin – Last One

  1. I know what you mean, to communicate with my son I have to send him a text. He wont answer a phone call. Good to see you blogging again.



    • Cell phones are the bane of civilization, I have reached a point in life, where I am absolutely sick of them! No two ways about it. They are the cigarettes of the 21st century and it is my belief they do more to undermine or erode good communication than provide that very service or function.

      Guess I am just getting cranky in my old age, but I don’t like ’em.

      Thank you for your comment.



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