Jus Sayin 1228


As a small lad growing up, I read comic books all the time one of my favorites was Dick Tracy a cop who had this chiseled face and talked into a wrist watch two-way walkie talkie thingy

Today I saw a guy talking into a wrist watch at China Mart no joke, walking around in housewares, talking to his wrist!  It appears what used to be fantasy is now reality

“Lace up your boots and boogie 181.fm tune into the 181 country highway” what it is they are playing, I don’t get it, it sure as ____ aint country.

Just as sure as I am about seeing a pair of “Cowboy Boots” that you have to lace up.  That is the difference between a Rancher and a Farmer, one gets up and puts on his boots, the other puts them on and laces them up.

More Yuppies writing copy I suppose.

A friend of mine posted a shot of her walking barefoot holding her husbands’ hand strolling on the beach somewhere deep down in the heart of Texas.  Idyllic and picturesque, two lovers meandering in the sand.

Then I remembered that cruise ships dump more than 1 billion gallons of sewage in the the ocean each year.  A cruise ship with 3,000 passenger and crew will produce enough sewage to fill 10 backyard swimming pools a week.  Maybe I should go to Orlando instead.  Had a thought about Cuba.  Nah, that is gone.

The FDA announced recently that Gay Men could donate blood if they have not had sex in one year.  Hell, I can beat that by 28 months easily.  In all honesty … It’s been so long since I had sex, I cannot remember who gets tied up.

“Jesus loves you.”

A nice gesture at Christmas time but a terrible thing to hear in a Mexican prison.

Found myself checking stat’s this morning and noted I have 1,700 posts on my site
that means that if I wanted to, I could sit back and re-post one a day for the next 4.6 years.

Might get lazy in 2015.

Jus Sayin