Jus Sayin 1227

imagesFacebook finally comes thru, it has been awhile. 

This week I got a message from a sweet girl in Nigeria and she said “that she was really sure that I might be the one?” and that she needed a little money to get out of the airport.

We struck up a mutual admiration kind of relationship and I agreed to send her some cash, wrapped in tin foil, tucked into a box of Post Toasties. 

Her picture is stunning and her story is captivating, but I am a little bit suspicious as to why she has a post office box and not a real working address.

This could be that Clearing House Magazine Sweepstakes nightmare all over again.

Jus Sayin

The Right Niche In Life


As the American trifecta of greed, avarice and filthy lucre winds up (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and the coming New Year) we will now enter into the cycle of “New Year’s Resolutions” and the folly that always accompanies them.

I on the other hand, do not make resolutions. Often pragmatic (and yes, stubborn) when I resolve to do something, I just do it. No proclamation or genuine statement of intention, just a slow, steady move towards a goal. Resolving an issue and dealing with it are two distinctly different animals to me.

With the coming New Year I find myself contemplating another mystery in life. I may decide to resolve it or just live with it.

Where do all these young people find the resources to sail the south pacific, trek the Andes’, walk across Europe. Lie on a beach of white sand or dive in a cave in the Caribbean. How do they purchase GoPro’s and expensive nights in resorts of uncommon splendor. Who picks up the tab at the end of the day for all this adventure and play?

How come they don’t have to work their ass off to pay for a house, get ahead in the world, send the little dinkers to college?

Like most Americans I grew up believing that I would work to age 65, and then I would retire. I would get my well deserved rest, leisure activities would abound, I could travel the world, all of it funded by Social Security, my former employer and my savings.

But it did not turn out that way, or anything closely resembling that in my case.

What I found out was that when you retire (early or not) that you age quicker, that if you want to do better intellectually and physically, you should stay hooked up and working. When you retire and no longer have the daily routine, your cognitive abilities go into steep decline, and things rapidly change in your life.

One person I have always been envious of, or looked up to, was Sonnie Bono. Sonnie was always good at reaching down and picking himself up by the bootstraps and getting back into the game.

Sonnie had this uncanny knack of finding the right niche in life.

When life dealt him a bad hand, he took it all in stride and then he moved on. Time and time again, when knocked down and seemingly out of it, he would re-invent himself and crawl his way back up to the top.

Perhaps that is what I need to do.

That is dedication, hard work, perseverance. It is not a mindless wish upon another turn of the page on some calendar.

Oh well? Whatever rows your boat.