Jus Sayin 1226

DSC00186Prepare to become privy to at least one wonderful secret today, if not more. The tricky part is you may need to keep this to yourself for a week or two.

As wonderful as you’ll be feeling, that may not be easy.

But if you really try, you’ll be able to pull it off. And when it’s time for the big revelations, think of how wonderful you’ll feel

At the moment you can actually let the cat out of the bag.  

Pat yourself on the back when everyone wants to know how you managed to keep mum.


Here it is:  “Shaving hasn’t always been such a smooth operation. Before razors, prehistoric man removed his whiskers using clamshells, flint blades and even sharpened shark’s teeth.”


Now don’t tell anyone.

Jus Sayin’

3 thoughts on “Jus Sayin 1226

  1. I wish shaving had never been invented.


  2. Have yet to figure out how to add a picture/avatar of myself Don. Can’t remember how long I’ve had MY beard and all. I remember I hated to shave while in the USAF ’cause I used to get those awful “razor bumps” under my young neck in doing so. It’s my contention that if a man wants to quit shaving, but keep his face looking neat at the same time with whatever type beard he wants to maintain, sobeit !!!


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