Life Is Good


My friend tells me “I have too much time on my hands.”  

Thus the subject of today’s post.  

A slow day here at the Goat Farm, I have been doing a little self analysis and reading.  Searching diligently for that “life changing moment that will radically change my life” as Dr. Phil would say. 

Basically I came to the conclusion that I am a well-rounded individual, not so great looking (Just ask my wife), and a fun person with a nice old bus.  One of my basic character flaws seems to be that I am very opinionated, but not to the point of being an internet bully.  Also, I was reminded that I am not all that diplomatic when riled.   My doctor says “I am the perfect weight … for a man that is seven feet tall.” 

In other words, human.

So, I have been thinkin of mellowing out, like I said, reading some, looking for new wrinkles in the fabric of life.  I just might give up the Internet altogether, sit on the porch and write poetry for the rest of my life.

  • How can we know,
  • how far,
  • the long way can be
  • Looking from where we are,
  • it never seemed that long to me
  • I’ve many miles behind me,
  • and maybe now,
  • not so much ahead
  • Looking back,
  • it seems I made good time,
  • even with the directions I mis-read
  • A Funny thing,
  • This thing called time,
  • A thing we are always running out of
  • A thing we can never seem to find
  • I am always coming up short
  • or losing mine.
  • No gas,
  • no money,
  • it is weighing heavy on my mind
  • Bear with me
  • I am moving quickly to the bottom line
  • I still have places I want to see,
  • I still have hills to climb
  • Drifting down the other side quietly into the dark night
  • Here is my reality
  • No more drives in the country burning daylight.
  • It looks like I am flat out running out of time
  • A hammock on the front porch is all that is left for me.
  • Locked down and serving my time,
  • Here on the old goat farm in the country.(I don’t know if that is Rap or Hip-Hop if you want to know the truth)
  • Nothing good on television tonight, Channel 34 … A murderous out of control bus tire rolls through the desert, using the power of its mind to make small animals and human heads explode! Pass. Maybe I will load up, drive into town, go down to Dunkin Donuts and reward myself with two glazed-crullers and a hot black coffee.

Life is good.