Jus Sayin 1222


Yesterday was rather traumatic for me. 

Let me explain, having run out of clean underwear, and nothing to be found in the sock drawer either, I decided to “go commando” and went to town.  Now when I “go commando” it gives me this tingly feeling down there, and I get something akin to a warm fuzzy.  Y’know, like a cable car ride in San Francisco with your new friend Ramone. 

It is not a genuine warm fuzzy, but rather a good second best. 

This warm-fuzzy-feeling sensation in turn leads to a sort of twisted lip syndrome kind of thing, how it migrates from down there to up there, is a true medical mystery to me.  It produces a body reaction where the lip twists into a limp smile then slowly spreads across my face.  Unfortunately after this occurs I will spend the rest of the day, walking around with this crooked looking smile, and glassed over eyes.

Which proved to be rather embarrassing at Target, which is by the way, where I went to purchase some new socks and under-ware.

As I have said before … It’s not easy being me.

Jus Sayin